I sent the bad codepen to build a personal portfolio web challenge

Hello !

I made a “tribute page” in codepen but sent the link to the wrong front end basic project “build a portfolio”.
I can send a new but how to remove the one I sent ?

Is it rated (for the certificate) ? Is there a risk sending a bad thing ? Or is it just personal ?


You can resubmit the correct link. You can actually resubmit all of the projects as many times as you’d like.

Thx for you answer.

The final step is when we pass the certificate.

I’ve wondered, does someone actually look at these projects after we submit them? Or is it just to save the project link for our profile?

No one is notified when you submit a link, AFAIK. That would be a nightmare. The links are merely a part of your profile and serve to verify your certification at any time. I’m not sure what sort of formal process there is these days as I’ve been out of touch.


Good to know. Thanks!