How to submit done project on freecodecamp

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how to submit the url of done project

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Copy the url of the page where your project exists, paste it in the solution box beneath the user stories and submit.

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friend i have done it but i if i return to see my progression, they show that tribute page is still undone, may i continue buikding other projects?

The progress has been saved for the project and you can continue to the next challenge. If you want to confirm if a project has been submitted, go to settings of your freecodecamp account -> scroll down till you reach ‘Certification Settings’, if the code has been successfully submitted, you shall see the project url beside the project title , if the field for project url is empty you’ll have to resubmit the project.


thanks for your help now its ok. since yesterday, i was stuck but now it’s ok thanks a lot

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So when you submit the URL, you just have to check that the tests are passing, you don’t have to show that on the URL correct?

Your code should have the tests in them so that when someone clicks on the URL they can run the tests to see that they all pass.

how to do that ? I have completed the persnal portfolio project and its working fine and is responsive too, what tests are you talking about ?

the test suite in the pen you are given to fork, and that you can also see in the sample projects

you need to have that test suite with all tests passing in the project you submit

As stated, when you fork the pen the test suite is there.
If you decide to work in another environment, the CDN link is given in every project at the bottom following the required user stories.