Facing problem during submitting tribute project

i have made my first project of tribute page but i am facing problem during submission of it as if i dont know how to submit it

Hi Shivam,

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What kind of problems are you facing during your project submission? It will be easy if you are a little more elaborate. Screenshots might help.

sir actually i have done with my first project(tribute page) but i don’t know how to submit it in freecodecamp so that it will show (right trick mark) against the project in my curriculum!

i have copied the address of this html made by me to freecodecamp project submission page and it even shows done but it didnot shows that project has been completed

see it is showing as if project is not submitted till now

You have to have the project online. You can’t submit it from a local file path.

Make a Codepen account (it is free), make a pen and add all the HTML/CSS code and save it. Now use the Codepen link for the submit.


As @lasjorg has mentioned, all the projects in FreeCodeCamp should be done online. You can use CodePen for first few modules and Glitch (Node.js related) for the rest. You will always get help in this forum if you are stuck somewhere.

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thanks you so much it helped me and finally i have done with it

thanks you so much it helped me and finally i have done with it

Congrats on passing. Happy coding.