Can not submit Tribute page project

I am very new to all of this and this is my first project. I have the tribute page completed and tested, but the submit project button is low lighted and not clickable. How do I submit the url from codepen? Is there another place to do it? Thanks for any help.

Hello there.

If you are on Tribute Page Challenge, copy the URL of your CodePen, and paste it into the Solution box just above the I’ve completed this challenge button. Once your URL is inside the Solution box, you should be able to click the I’ve completed this challenge button.

It should look something like this:

Hope this helps

Hello @battlecore501
Congrats for making your first project with Html and CSS .
In order to help you, u need to tell where do you write your code? how did you test it?

Hi! What if I am not using codepen? How do I submit my page if I used repl? Had it validated and used the CDN link, too. Thanks!

you submit it in the same way, paste the link in the field and press I’ve completed the challenge

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