How to submit web design projects?

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How to submit the project?
I 've written the code in Code Pen, Do we just need to copy the URL and submit or any thing else is needed?
because the FreeCodeCamp site takes any random site as an answer to the Projects.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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to test your project, you need to use the provided test suite

to get feedback you can post in #project-feedback

freeCodeCamp is on an honor system, you need to be honest with the link you give

Hey @kunalsinghdeo. If you have completed your project in CodePen and want to submit it, do the following:
Enter full page view in CodePen and copy the url from the search bar and paste it here in FCC.

Hi @paulsonstech and @ilenia but ,it just takes any random site as an answer.
My concern is does it get saved anywhere cause if I want to open the same link anywhere, It doesn’t show anything.
I also want to know how to get the feedback of project, Could you help?

Hey @kunalsinghdeo. You should’nt submit any random url as the answer. You should be honest and if you do so, it will be against the Academic Honesty Policy.

Did’nt understand that.

You can get feedback for your project by creating a new topic in the #project-feedback category. Make sure you attach your link to the project.


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<script src=""></script>

Add this script at the top of your html page and then in your preview you can see a button at the top left which will run tests to check if you have done the project correctly or not.

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have you created a codepen account and forked the pen with the test suite? if the pen is not in your account you can’t save your work

open a thread in the #project-feedback subforum with the link to your project, also specify if there is something in particular you want feedback on

if you need help passing tests instead open a thread in #curriculum-help:certification-projects

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yes, I’ve an account at codepen.
I have completed the 1st project and submitted it with all test passed but when I go to my profile settings and certificate settings there’s an option to view solution when I clicked on that the codepen page gets opened with no solution in it!

What happens when you go to that url normally? Is it always blank? Can you post your codepen url in your reply so we can see what is happening?

what’s the link you have submitted?

it sounds like you have submitted the pen with the test suite, and that you have never forked (copied) the pen to your account to save your work

Did you fork the pen FCC provides? If you wrote code without forking that pen, then all your changes are lost! You need to fork it by clicking “fork” at the bottom of the example pen and a copy of that pen will be added to your codepen account.

what freecodecamp project youtube channel