Responsive Web Design Projects accepting any link

Hi, I just finished the tribute page project and submitted it using a codepen URL, It accepted it without issue but didn’t give any feedback or anything.

So I tried to submit another codepen URL, this time blank so it should not have been successful and it still accepted it.

Tried this with the other projects following this one and it worked as well.

I’m assuming something is wrong here, any ideas?

Hello David,

I don’t think they will give any feedback. I submitted mine yesterday as well and it was just that, a submission. If you want feedback, you can make a post about your submission in the Project Feedback subforum( I think that’s what it’s called). I posted mine yesterday. So far only one feedback… :sweat_smile:

Thanks Nikkiczx, that’s fine for no feedback. But it shouldn’t be accepting the submission if it’s incorrect right?

Actually, I think they allow for people to submit any link as long as it’s to their project. Because although they recommend you to use Codepen, you’re allowed to build it any other way you want. Whether you build it locally and then push to Heroku and share it from there also works. So I don’t think they check for a valid codepen html web address.

Even if the code is wrong?

They might not have made the submission system quite as robust as we expect it. I think it’s based on a trust system, but i could be wrong. I’ve only been on FCC a handful of days :sweat_smile:

I don’t think that’s the case, I saw other forum posts saying it wouldn’t accepts their submission cause it had errors in the code.

If this was the case how would we know if we did it right?

Hm… then that might be a bug in the system then. Best to report it.

Where can I report it?

You should be able to post it in the FCC support subforum

Hi @david.feldman93 !

Welcome to the forum!

I moved your post over to the contributors section.

As of right now, it will accept any live link that is not a FCC template.
Maybe in the future, the software will be able to detect the correct project links.

It is always been on the honor system for campers to submit the correct link.
Also, if any of the moderators or staff finds out that a camper did not submit their own work then their certificate can be revoked.

The freeCodeCamp team is really small and currently busy working on other projects.

I would just view the certificates as personal goals.
Employers won’t take a whole lot of consideration for them because FCC is not the same as an accredited institution.

The most important part is the learning and what you can build with the skills you learned from FCC.


So there isn’t any way to confirm that I’ve followed the instructions correctly?

The best way is to make a new post in the forum under the #project-feedback section.

We can comb through your code and make sure everything is looking good and suggest ways for improvement.


you need to use the provided test suite, passing all the tests of the suite is the minimum requirements to submit the projec, then you can ask for feedback in #project-feedback for peer review

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Sorry, where is the test suite?

On each project, just above where you can submit your URL there’s a link to the test suite:

If you drop that into a script element in your HTML just before your closing body tag, you should be run the tests from the top right (it’s a green burger menu you click on then choose the correct test suite for your project from the drop-down).

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  <h1>Tribute page example</h1>
  <script src=""></script>

Thanks, i’ve added that in right before the closing body tag. but still not sure where the menu is to test it.

You should see this on the screen

It is possible you might see this. If so click on the green bar to open.
Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 6.06.41 PM

Then you need to click on the project.

This click run tests

It’s not coming up anywhere unfortunately