How is this tribute page from me

Hello campers.
I’m new here. I completed Responsive Web Design section and I started doing the small projects.
The first one was the “Tribute Page”. So I created the page here :

What do you think about it ? How is it ?

A question, I’m applying my solution but it’s not checking. ( the green tick not applying ) can u suggest me anything for this. My project passing all tests however It can’t submit why ?

I already did test and it passed. If you mean the test on the codepen. I’m adding the on my html and the It showing a tests page where I’m selecting “Tribute Page” and then I’m pressing Run tests. It passing.
After this I’m copying the URL into submit form (on freecodecamp) and I’m pressing ctrl+Enter , it moving to the next project but not checking as completed.
Hope I can explain myself :slight_smile:

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if you go the settings, can you add your project link there? or there too doesn’t work?

What do you mean ?
The portfolio projects in the settings right ?
It allowing me to add projects.
I think the problem is , I started the lessons with email login and after this I logged in to forum in different tab maybe this is the problem.

I think I finded the solution. I must enter in the settings.
Also I accepted something "Academic … "

the forum is a completely different account, there is not any correlation with the curriculum account

where you able to submit the project?

I finded the links in the settings. I copied there and everything is fine.

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