Tribute Page Feedback would be lovely!

Hi guys,

I tried to upload a copy of my tribute page before finishing it because I thought it would check the stories and let me know what I hadn’t completed. I also thought it would tell me when I had successfully completed all the stories and then give me a tick in my curriculum but it just gave me the tick and no feedback.

I continued on with the project until I was reasonably sure I’d completed all the stories but if somebody could check my pen so that I can move onto the next project knowing that I have earned the tick from the first, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

Also is there any way to get feedback for a project to check if it’s been completed? All I can see is a solution box for the url which doesn’t seem to lead to an answer scheme, and the green box to say the project is complete.

There is just the test code you run against the project.

As long as the project passes all the requirements from the appropriate test you are fine. Your project is passing all the requirements. You may want to leave the test file in the project when asking for help so people do not have to add it.

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Thanks for the feedback bud, when I click on that link it just sends me to a page with a absolute bucket load of random characters. Am I doing it wrong?

It’s minified javascript, which isn’t meant to be readable. Just stick it in a script tag somewhere in your HTML document (on codepen, just put it at the end of your html):

<script src=""></script>

Once you do that, you should see the green hamburger menu at the top-left of your page.

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