Responsive Web Design Projects accepting any link

We are going to have to see your html.

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I can actually see the menu in the preview under my work for a second before it disappears. and you can see in the preview thumbnail of this post I’m making now. bur can’t see it on the page.

On my end the test suite, is staying on the page.
So I am not sure why it is disappearing for you

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I just tested in edge browser and it p[ops up fine.

Something in my chrome is not letting it pop up. adblock is disabled, not sure what it is.

Ok cool.

So maybe using a different browser will help.

Click on the red 7/10 button and see what tests are failing.

Once you pass the tests, then make a separate post for feedback because I see a few things that need fixing.

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Disabled all my chrome extensions, still not working.

Ok, will test in another browser. Thanks very much for all the help.