Tribute Page- Help Needed

Should I upload my code on github repository and share the link to codecamp?

Hi @tanvirrifat537,
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The responsive web design projects are designed to be created on Students are supposed to use the test script available here:

Once all the tests pass, submit you codepen link to freecodecamp.

Hey @tanvirrifat537,

You may upload your code to GitHub and share the link with freeCodeCamp is an option.

Yet, codepen is a better way to go as @michaelsndr mentioned.

Good morning, please I need help. FCC Test Suite is not working for my tribute page project. When I select list k from the “selection test set” it is not displayed. Nor does it give punctuation. Please, I need help to continue with my project. It doesn’t even show the score on the sample page that Codepen’s Freecodecamp shows me ( Thank you

@15-10019 Please don’t hijack a topic. If you have a question please open your own topic and someone will help you.

ok thanks for the info.