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You can post code in two ways. Single word/line snippets can be handled inline. Multiple lines should be handled in code blocks:


Wrap your code in a single back ticks:


Code Blocks

Wrap your code in triple back ticks, with new lines between the back ticks and code:


Typing Backticks:arrow_heading_up:

QWERTY and QWERTZ (Key that’s been marked with red border)

AZERTY France (Alt Gr + Key that’s been marked with red border)

AZERTY Belgium (Alt Gr + Key that’s been marked with red border)

QWERTY Estonian (Key’s that have been marked with red border)

Estonian Keyboard layout

QWERTZ ( SHIFT+double press the key that’s been marked with red border)

If it’s not there…

You can use the code Alt+0096 to get a backtick on any keyboard with a numeric pad

Can't save my codepen.. Help please
What am I am doing wrong with the div element? I suppose to assign the background silver?
Project: Check for Palindromes
Making grocery list
Falsy bouncer code doesn't work
Easy. Help pleas
Is something wrong with grading?
Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings p2
Why internal link not working
Errors with Card Counting
Countdown with Recursion - please help me understand the example
What is wrong? help
<form action=""> <input type="text"placeholder=""> </form>
Need help with html internal links challenge
Need help with create a form challenge
Filtering objects from one array that are present in another object
Please help me to understand this iteration
Nested 'for' loop
Help with Building a Quiz step 53
Learn Linux, PostgreSQL, Git, and Bash Scripting – right from the command line (new 300-hour freeCodeCamp Certification)
On regular sized devices (id="navbar" should be shown on the left side of the screen and should always be visible to the user
Select a child of a parent element
Arithmetic Formatter: I think my code works but it doesn't pass
Menu is not working
Fun with random numbers - just for the heck of it
Please tell, why my code isn't passing tests
Function palindrome (str)
I cant see my image
Roman Numeral Converter - I look for critics!
Little trouble repeating image
Can't pass this lesson
Please help +use the value attribute Checkboxes+
jQuery / updating the DOM multiple times / CHAINING
I need assitance with creating a form element
JS: Profile Lookup (Help)
The filter method
I need help with this guys. Error: No default engine was specified and no extension was provided."
Personal Portfolio Pls Help!
Trying to submit first web project
You should import the Lobster font
JS Function Problems needed to be Completely Reworked with IDE
Function doesn't filter my elements
Building a tribute page project challenge
Would like to change the color of the text?
CatPhotoApp ( how to do)
I dont know whats wrong step 6
Portfolio Page Issue
Console.log() for multiple objects, what happens here?
I dont know, how to put it correct?
Multiprocessing not working?
Build a Survey form stuck
Nesting <label>
Am stuck anyone to help
Truncate a string - Basic Algorithm
Delete rect when double click
Use Higher-Order Functions map, filter, or reduce to Solve
Why my code can't pass the test?
pls help me with my code
Word blanks exercise error
Exercise Tracker Project - Stuck on last test (" Test timed out error" )
Reuse JavaScript Code Using import
Create a Component with Composition:
.innerHTML not always working. Why?
Is there a mistake in this challenge?
Why isn't running
JS básico 92/111
This is a solution a found of a question, here i dont understand what is the function of +
Why this test can't pass?
All of the cases are not matching
Return property if object is found
Is possible to use .reduce until a condition is met?
I am stuck on Random Quote Machine
Sobre una lección en el curso de HTML
Loop Being Bypassed?
Use the reduce Method to Analyze DataPassed
Help me to solve this please
Spacing and line breaks in JS
about Improve Compatibility with Browser Fallbacks
Why is freecodecamp cheating on me
Solution of radio button
Caesar Cipher tests not passing!
**Challenge:** Use the Rest Parameter with Function Parameters
Resizing pixel width to 100
React:Cannot read property 'createElement' of undefined
I can't solve this one
I have problem i think i have followed all the instructions
STUCK on a CODE snippet
Arithmetic _arranger
Javascript Profile Lookup
Tribute Page in Projects
Help me i am beginner
1 SyntaxError: invalid regular expression flag s
Local variables not working. HELP!
I need help pls xD
Set state code block
DISCORD BOT - Online but not sending back message to discord
User story 5 & 12 for product landing page
Profile Lookup (JavaScript Challenege/Exercise) - Code explanation
Im having issues with -Your image should have a src attribute that points to the kitten image
Use an equal sign with SLIM Template(HTML)
Help modifying this script
Detecting property of caller function
BROKEN: **Challenge:** Create a Form Element
Convert array to object
How to center img with the parent element
Tribute Page to "The Office"
Navbar position
Build Technical Documentation Page
Help with Reusable Function
Page View Time Series Visualizer: box plot different from example
Css navbar not not showing on webpage
What Is a src attribute
I need help, please!
Nav Bar Issue please Help
I have a problem with the first test
What is my mistake on Counting Cards
FCC testing script not working
Form open and closed tag
Title Case a String without replace()
My website doesn’t respond after this Js code
Am unable to edit the a with catphotos
Having trouble with "Create a Form Element"
Python Simple program (functions) problem HELP PLEASE
I can't improve my score... Do you have any tip?
How to create a back button with integers (VERY NEW)
Javscript basic algorithms mutation
I Do not understand this. Can someone help me
BROKEN: **Challenge:** Create a Form Element
Your new radio button and associated label should be below the first one. You have them in the wrong order. this error is coming and I am getting it
What is wrong in the following code?
Ithis is wierd, any suggestions?!
Why this is not working?
Arithmetic Formatter in Python, Test don't pass
Lesson 14 beta add anchor
Is fcc website bugged?
Nesting the radio elements in label elements
Compound Assignment
Can someone tell me what's wrong with my code: html step 43
Stuck on: User Story #1: My tribute page should have an element with a corresponding id="main", which contains all other elements
Takıldım kaldım
Stuck on HTML Cat photo, nesting part
#ASK How solve function code. STUCK
Stuck on HTML Cat photo, nesting part
I need help with this problem
Add one a element
Profile Lookup Challenge Problem
Varibale being used to set the background color
Asking for help in html-css
Need help with Error
I am not able to put it in the correct order
Landing Page 15/16 passed - Cant find final error?
Project3: Problems with Flex within <style> order
Js code doesn't run on console tab google chrome
Birthday Cake Candles | HackerRank
I can't solve the 3rd problem
Question about survey form exercise
Javascript if/else
forEach is/isn't setting
Is this bugged?
Can some one explain me how this code is working this is from basic algo scripting finders keepers chellenge
Product landing page project help please
Data Analysis in:title
All of the cases are not matching
JavaScript Problem #5555
Need Help with the "form" and "input"
Non capisco cosa cambia dall'esercizio precedente
Getting unexpected error with the record collection exercise
I have no idea how to capture codes
I need a help in this javascript output
Struggling on Form Element
Not sure why this isn't working....Step 86 Markers
Help me link the image
Date value format
Why is my project header not showing up
How do i make a search bar that searches through the images
Order an array with bubble sort
Order an array with bubble sort
Closure exercise
Change to python
Tribute Page of Anne Frank
I don't know how to solve, I have tried many times
Stuck on Stand in Line I need help I don't know what is error
Test failing after right steps
I cant figure out why the tests wont pass on my survey form-please help!
User story #12 Product landing page
What do i do next?
I can not make my image center to its parent element
Function inside object won't work
Form challenge won't accept my a element. I can't move forward
Support to fix/solve the errors of MainActivity of Audio Player Music App!
I have try this many times but I can't get
Can anyone tell me what is the wrong with this code
Multiple JSON objects via AJAX
How to center paragraphs and photos
Cannot declare doctype
Def function help
wordBlanks JS Challenge Help
Not sure how to close off this code to pass step 5
Cannot declare doctype
Title Case a Sentence challenge won't pass
Restrict Possible Usernames solution
I need help with arrays in Javascript
Adding animation to github site
Nothing is working
Please help me out to work on this
Can't return all my data from db in mongodb and node
Cross module variable not incrementing
Unable to complete this task
Cash register not passing because of if statement why?
Assignment with a Returned Value ***
Order of code in while loop
Can someone help me?
Hy I am stuck please help
Landing Page stuck again (iframe video)
Help:Return Largest Numbers in Arrays
Is there any errors in this code
Is this not nested? im new to this
APIs and Microservices course ... looks not working
Reverse string using for loop
Record Collection. I just am tired
Checking object has value
Help on Java Script
Help me with the discord bot
Text allign vertical and side by side
Cannot pass 2 of the tests in this challenge
This code throws error while used in react saying 'target' is undefined
How to get the coordinates of the points in Array?
How to give a value an attribute
This code throws error while used in react saying 'target' is undefined
function has no attribute
Basic CSS: Issues changing a variable for a specific area
Arithmetic Formatter fails at test_arrangement and test_solutions
First forms disappearing when I started on the later forms
DNA Pairing Solution with if/else Chain
My Search Results Wont Empty
Anchor and Footer Tag Failing Test
JS Basic Algorithm scripting - Title Case a Sentence
Importing google fonts to css
Create Form not working
Daniel Chae Article
Lots to unpack here - can anyone explain how this works please?
My noob py workout
Link to internal session of a page with anchor elements
Bug en en selector de casillas
Cannot add id attribute to footer
Necesito ayuda por favor
Javascript Error Prevention
Tribute page help user story target blank
Linking External Pages with Anchor Elements
I am having trouble creating the quote
I am having trouble creating the quote
Why does this code not return the false
Big numbers to smaller numbers
HTML, step 12 having issues
i can help me . please
Not clear why code isn't working
Create:Media Query 2
Portfolio on mobile shows afew pixels to the right, help!
Javascript challenge 92
Problem with keyword "this" in React class on CodePen
How do i do this :P
N’est <a >in a <p> With a space after
I don't know why chaining query helpers is not succeeding in this last challenge of MongoDB ( API and Microservices Certification) , Please Help
ES6: getters and setters
Change Variable for Specific Area - Will not accept answer
Answer found for Nest an Anchor Element within a Paragraph
Discord Bot can type in multiple channels and repeat the program
Nesting topic stuck
Checkbox element not reading
If else statements
Please help me dry run this
Nesting input element in form
Came across new operator help me understand
I am confused about how return works in the solution to the Basic Algorithm Scripting challenge - Where do I belong
A bit confused on the string "Birdie" in the Golf code challenge
Catphotoapp Step 55 im stuck guys can someone help me
Commenting out on HTML
Arithmetic Formatter What is this failing for?
Cant figure out please help
SQL tutorial - Full database course by Mike Dane
Adding licence to package.json not working
Does not accept
How to get the coordinates of the points in Array?
How to indent my file
Getting Syntax Error On Python Discord Bot
The right answer to this challenge is not being recognized after running the test
Swap Characters JS function
Discord bot is not working
Elementary error
Where's the problem?
Christopher Nolan average rating
MongoDB and Mongoose difficulties
Loop in JavaScript bootcamp exercise
Loop in JavaScript bootcamp exercise
Your image should have scr attribute that points to the kitten image
Your image should have scr attribute that points to the kitten image
Accesibility course
For loop help - total newbie!
Regular expression help.///
Help: Creating a form element
I am just at a freaking loss here, I don't understand how to add a footer?
New to JS...Need help with form submission!
Help with String Slice - total beginner
Java Spring boot thymeleaf to Json
Am stuck please help me out. IS A FORM ELEMENT attribute which is set to
My background image isn't showing up
I need help understanding why my sortproperties function isnt recieving the object
Need to change form dynamically
ES6 Course, Object Property Shorthand Topic Issue
Anchor attribute broken, help?
Am a beginner confused about reduce
I need help scraping 2 tables from a website using R Studio :)
Closing tag error on unordered lists
Card Counting..Using Switch
Problemas al agregar "boton de enviar" hago todo pero no me acepta los cambios
I am just at a freaking loss here, I don't understand how to add a footer?
how to get radio buttom
**how can i solve this ?**
Create a Gradual CSS Linear Gradient 2021
Link at the action
Why my Code doesnt past the tests?
Use reduce method to analyze data category
Flexbox - confusion in how to specify which section to apply CSS to - challenge #3 (product landing)
Problems changing colors with CSS
Issue in “Img src” challenge
Reduce method data analyze
Putting Text above other text (ABOVE, not OVER)
Form action doesn't work
The style sheet is not reflecting
Does anyone knows how to do this program in python?
I can't understand what I did wrong while stating the degrading font-family!
Am I on the right track so far on this challenge?
I need help in your discord bot tutorial i get this error
Help Tribute page FreeCodeCamp
Text To Speech In Chinese Not Working
Install and Set Up Mongoose (I am confused)
Run Functional Tests on an API Response using Chai-HTTP IV - PUT method (whats my issue)
Difference between "initial-scale=1" and "initial-scale=1.0"
TypeError: Cannot read property 'env' of undefined
There's a bug with the lesson "Use Attribute Selectors to Style Elements" in Basic CSS courseS
There was an issue created on github - solution is outdated
.env file not working
Trying to solve using Nested For Loops
Arithmetic Arranger Python Certification Project
How do I make my alt attribute is empty
Record Collection - Object Update question
Finally did it....Tribute page!
Test submit doesn’t pass but code is correct
Passing Category object into function results in error
Denoising autoencoder
How do I nest input element into Form element
Object Property Check
What can I do? I don't understand this
Run Functional Tests using a Headless Browser (All Test Should Pass) is wrong
Understanding callback function
Error unexplainable
Formatting Problems
NaN / recursion issue
Font awesome icon problem
Problem - Golf Code -Please advise
Please help me with this problem
Code not running test even when image is showing
How do I create ID
Code not working possible problems: if else
Js counting cards
Der aText sollte " Nach unten springen" sein
Please, how do i resize the logo and make the background transparent
Could you please guys to solve this exam?
Kindly help while reassigning the value in :root selector in media query
Alternative solution for Convert HTML Entities challenge
Simple Loan Amortization Table Generator
Alt Atribute Issue
Why it's not working
I do not know how to use this contents
I do not know how to use this contents
URL Shortener Microservice (Error that i cannot figure out )
Type Attribute selector should be used to select the checkboxes keeps showin up i have checked a lot but keeps saying that. pls help
Use Reduce Method To Analys(z)e Data, the best way of doing it?
Help me to finish
Username check help plz :)
Trouble with media query
React Prop is not getting updated on mount
Introduction to HTML 5 elements problem
Please i need help for this
Image element's alt attribute
Could u help me with the meaning?
H4 header size challenge
Formatting within tables
How to Do it? I am unable to do after manny attemps please help
The code does t work! some body can help me? the test told me that the src is not working
JavaScript rock paper scissors
I m having an src error
Technical document css
What does "use strict" mean?
Stuck at the cat image html
Please help I'm stuck(2)
Could you please help me find a mistake in my code?
Is freeCodeCamp Wrong?!
Is freeCodeCamp Wrong?!
Is freeCodeCamp Wrong?!
Is freeCodeCamp Wrong?!
Your #black-hat selector should have a border-top-color property set to transparent.
Why isn't this working
Explanation needed-Arguments Optional
Please help me understand this code
Word Blanks issues
Everything is right but the program is still not working
Manipulate Arrays With pop() problem
Running tests The existing input element should be nested within a form element
You need an a element that links to
I need help with this challenge. The instruction is to create a class called smaller-image and use it to resize the image so that it's only 100pixels wide
The nesting For loops
Where can I set the form tag?
I dont know how to do this question pls help
FCC not passing the tests
Coloring individual icons on buttons
I cannot figure out which test is failing with my tribute page. Help!
Nesting something inside something
I dont get kitty insum text
Please help me with tribute page
If statements and functions
Tribute page project help asap
You should not change the inner text of the Indoor label
How to link my JavaScript file to HTML
Nothing happens when I run my code
Comparisons with the Logical Or Operator with only one if
I have solution, but
Can Someone help me to debug these codes? im trying to create a javascript calculator but it is having some issues… I dont know how I can explain the issue I h
Get Query Parameter Input from the Client
Help out im stuck
Tribute Page Project Only 9/ 10
Create a Form Element - I'm stuck!
Technical Documentation errors 3, 4, and 12
Jest error react app
Text align centre
Please help with install mongoose challenge
SyntaxError: invalid syntax(trying to make a discord bot :/)
Problem with data analyst project (project 4: time_series_visualizer
Problems with "Create a Form Element"
JSON response not passing
Need help for unit test cases for below code
Custom code/Java Script/AJAX
Can't Create mongoose model
Help with cat img lesson
I'm in desperate of help making there only be one footer tag on my page as well as having the footer tag have the id attribute set to "footer"
Title Case a Sentence bug
Help file.write random.simple
Javascript Please Help
Stock at the solution for JavaScript Wordbank
Help please me with javascript!
Anchor tag and submit button doesn't let me click
running tests You should only have one a element. Your a element should be nested within your new p element. // tests completed
Pls someone should help me to analyze this cos its not working
Get api values with javascript
Console.log(?) - confused about how to use this again
Please provide feedback for the below
Can someone please explain?
Display data using web3
Missing Letters challenge Question
HTML: Problem with attribute to create internal elements
Hi I'm stuck on responsive web design and
Feedback/critique of my survey form project
How to submit a mail
P element should have the text View more (with a space after it)
Im having trouble with nesting this code
External Pages with Anchor Elements...///
<input type="text" placeholder="cat photo URL"><form action="">
I'm really getting fed up
Est an Anchor Element within a Paragraph
Defining and calling a function
Please could someone be of assistance.. probably not a difficult one but i sure am baffled :/!
Use the filter JavaScript `Method to Extract Data from an Array` using filter() and map() methods
Help me solve this problem
Помогите решить
Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function bind_param() on bool
My code is running fine on chrome editor tool but not on the freeCodeCamp site
Question regarding Replace Loops using Recursion
Linking different section of product Landing Page
SRC error that from HTML
displaying marked code without calling the function!
I have issues with the tutorial
Testing Objects and Properties
Building a product landing page
My code in react Js is not working.. Pls anyone see t
Your form should have an action attribute which is set to WHERE IS A PROBLEM?
Flexbox behaviour disappears on adding a piece of code in style ...please help to resolve this
Not able to get the desire output
[BUG]: Unable to Click "Get Help" Button
Typo in an article
Newby looking for some assistance with arithmetic_arranger problem
Clarification regarding If else statement
Please help with install mongoose challenge
To return or not to return, that is the question
Please heip me any one
I am stuck with how to create src attribute that points to kitten image? I need help!
Why should there be > tag?
Need some Java help please
How to add dotted horizontal line after text in table
Palindrome Checker Step by Step Process
Counting Cards - my code should be fine....or not!
Question about the markdown project
Not accepting viewport size in portfolio project
Img resize test case failing
How stupid am I?
html code ya kno
I couldn't run this program,am stuck pls help
Error in test from Python probability calculator project
My code refusing to run help guys
I Am Stuck Guys! Please Help Me!
Hello everyone please help me
Please help me pass this stage
Mongoose is not connecting to a database
No puedo continuar, saben donde esta el problema?
Recursively Finding out if a list of numbers can add up to a certain value
Stuck in coding
Html5 introduction main
Can you help me ı acan'do this mission
How to create Login app
Factorialize a Number Challenge Stuck
C++ Problem accessing record from a Text file
The existing input element should be nested within a form element
Testing Objects for Properties Lookup
Multiple Identical Options in Switch Statements what's wrong?
Unable to submit solution
Time Calculator HELP PLS
The html tags should wrap around one h1 element. I have tried this way it's not working?
Cash Register final answer
Hey, general understing about JS behavior/functioning
Database connection
Exercise Tracker typeerror: done is not a function
Crie um conjunto de botões de rádio
Nest an a Element within a Paragraph
Use the env.file Answer
IMG test problem
Stuck on one test
Why we assign the recursive call to the array variable?
I am not getting desire result - please help!
Ex.: "Adjust the Size of a Header Versus a Paragraph Tag"
Help extracting an array of elements
Markdown can't pass test 4
replit have update another way to use .env variable
Your image should have a src attribute that .points to the kitten image
Python vscode problem
Survey form test number 10
Creating a Form. Can't seem to get this right I tried everything. Can someone help me please
Radio buttons form problem
Help with Form/Nesting
Help it keeps saying that is is wrong
Finders Keeper (func(num))
Dont know what i did wrong with record collection
Lazy not being seen
Word Blanks Problem pls help
Use of booleans in java
Please explain this code line by line
Always show an eror
Creating an ordered list
Tribute page error time
How to always hide a div when the submit button is first clicked?
React related problem
Please can some help explain the answer to me
Please help with install mongoose challenge
Creating a Discord Bot Help
How to do Comparison two number with the switch statement
Help a newbie! create a list from an array function EASY
Need some help with return function
Help a newbie! create a list from an array function EASY
Code not working, i done exactly as it sayes and it sayes it's still not right
What does short circuit evaluation means
Nav tag shrinks when position set to fixed
No sé donde en donde poner checked para los botones de opción y las casillas de verificación de forma predeterminada
Problem with Checking Last String
Can someone help me fix this error
Basic HTML To HTML 5
Sure about solution but doesn't work
How to break a loop in print function that has "end = "
I am stuck! Please help me!
Please I'm stock here any help?
Markdown Previewer Parsing Issue
Help this code pleaase
Hey guys, I have a problem and I don't know where the error is this code
Can someone help me with how "the a tag should have an href attribute set to #footer"?
Need help with code? I don't know where to fix my code? PLEASE HELP!
Please how do I write this code
CSS grids and Media queries
Counting Cards Excercise
Help with JS Coding challenge
Randomly prints 3 dots
Hi can you help me to get out of this problem?
Alphabetical sorted list with unexpected result
Profile Lookup challenge nested if works but && doesn't
Java project Taxi fleet
What am I doing wrong ? please help
I can't get my code to work
Stuck in those radio button elements
Learn CSS colors - can't get past Step 1
Just to clear up something about .push()
Ajuda, não consigo sair dessa parte
Cat Photo issue
Problem is assigning `for` attribute of `label` tag a value
CSS width: 100%;
Having Trouble giving my radio buttons the name attribute of "indoor-outdoor"
Why is Catapp code not working
Different ways of reading this problem
Src attribut creation
Trying to avoid multiple date entry for task schedule project .. i am stuck here and need help
Code disappears in WebsiteBaker
Exercise tracker jul 2021 test 7 don't pass
Random reply not working
Find the longest word using recursion
Formatting looks good, but 6 tests not passing
Need Personal Portfolio help
Ionic Charts Problem
The <img> element should be centered within its parent element.Am not understanding here kindly help
I need help on this code please
Stuck - Responsive Web Design - Step 15
Stuck - Responsive Web Design - Step 15
Please guys im stuck ,help a bro
Recursion: this code work very weird, better is use for loop,
Small images display
I am stuck with how to create src attribute that points to kitten image? I need help!
JSX class vs html class vs CSS class vs JS class
I am new here and i don't know how to go about a certain work, any help?
I've passed whole Responsive Web Design challenges and now I am lost
Stuck in those radio button elements
Mongodb create model
Var myName issue
Can you help me plz
What am i doing wrong? I changed the radio button, but still it is not processing. Why?
Need help with code keep getting error code
Mongodb create model
Decorators in python
Please tell me why this is returning false
Microservice TimeStamp error -- really unsure why --
I am stuck with how to create src attribute that points to kitten image? I need help!
PEÇO AJUDA NÃO CONSIGO SAIR DISTO - paragrafo em italico
APIs and Microservices Projects: Exercise Tracker
I keep getting a msg that says my form opening and closing tags are wrong
One a element and element should link to
Cash Register -It does not display what is needed
Need help understanding regex function
Script to play songs in sequential order
Recursion questions
Js api Coll its undefine
Function is not working
Hello! Can somebody Help me please?
Nest an Anchor Element within a Paragraph Cat Photo app
Explain Please?
Help! What am I doing wrong?! I can't get this
Temperature Conversion Program - TypeError: cannot unpack non-iterable float object
I am not able to pass the text with a simple a refs
How to upload a PDF file to a web page, get its fields values and render them into the same web page fields using JavaScript
Help! Code Error
How do you reply
2 comparison operators in an if statement
Why is my code not working? Basic Algorithm
Forcing a width on flex items
Your image should have a src attribute that point to the kitten image. is there wrong in my code
Need answer for this problem
Hey there can anyone help me please
Post Data with the JavaScript XMLHttpRequest Method can some one help me fix my code?
Create a Form Element again
Need help with Tribute page please
Submitting my first assignment
I am missing one mark ,kindly assist me to fix the error since it's giving me an error and i have tried to fix it many times but still not succeeding
Help me im stuck again!2
Please I am having problem with this topic. Declare a read only variable with the const keyword
Trouble with the Tribute-link on Tribute page
Help me please! I've watched the video and did the same thing but it still doesn't work
What the problem with my code
I am clueless on how to do this
Haciendo pruebas de verificacion de propiedad de objeto
I am clueless on how to do this
Need help with the last step of tribute page.How do I align the image in the web page to the center?
Grid within Grid problems
How do I get a user input for my trick or treat code
Record Collection Problem - 2 questions
Package installing error on
Completing the task
Understanding code
HELP! I Can't Figure this out! :-(
Arithmetic Formatter: What is wrong with my code?
How do i add ID to the element
Profile Lookup - JS
Projetos API .preciso de ajuda
What am I doing wrong with Recursion?
Responsive Web Design Basic HTML and HTML5
Some one pls help me solve this one thing
My code is note working and it's frustrating. What is the correct code
Tai Chi metronome 5 fixed beeps
Link to internal sections of a page with anchor documents
Would you guys want to give me a clue for this issue?
When to use e VS when to use Event
Help Me Please, I'm Lost
Please explain callback?
Stuck at The <img> element should be centered within its parent element
Intermediate Algorithm Scripting Question
Possible Bug on HTML lesson "Wrap Radio buttons in a fieldset element..."
How will I pass this challenge? I changed let and const but still "freeCodeCamp" is not uppercase. How do I capitalize this?
Js carriage return and backslahes aren't making sense a bit
Why can't I return string "No such contact" inside the for loop?
How does theForm Element work
FCC documentation page
Return the keys of the properties that are unique in each object
The Arith arranger
Getting "TypeError: Router.use() requires a middleware function but got a Object at Function" for this challenge
Bootstrap 5 Dropdown not working
Need help with this, sry new to scripting and stuff
Why does it only work outside for loop?
Understaning uninirialized variable
It's not working i can't find my error on adding image
Inserting image in html
Centering container -
Scr attributes that point to the kitten
Timestamp microservice not passing in FCC's link
Exercise Tracker Project: Object id returning "undefined"
I cant resolve my code
I need help rotating a PNG file!
A little help with arithmetic arranger
Profile Lookup Challenge- Please, why is my solution not working?
A little help with arithmetic arranger
Nesting input in a form element
Stuck on radio buttons!
Rsponsive web design beta
Newbie. Run tests just keeps saying run tests. I have correct code?
Python: syntax error: unexpected token R in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse
FCC Survey Forum
Use the env file
jQuery initial set up
My media query not working
APIs and Microservices curriculum failing
Hola me dice que no debo cambiar el orden de los elementos h1 h2 p, no se que estoy haciendo mal
Module keeps thinking I have a div tag (solved)
Can anybody help me with this lesson!
Profile Lookup in code Test
The code doesnt work me to debug the error
I'm stuck with form element!
I need help here please , I'm stuck
Any advice on why I continue to get this error: "Your image should have a src attribute that points to the kitten image"?
Create a Controlled Input noww
Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings does not work
Freecodecamp Ti
Let/const Guide Articles Update
The scroll bar is not displayed
Need help guys please fix my code and let me know where i was wrong please
Need help guys please fix my code and let me know where i was wrong please
I tried this but in the website, the icon is till visible (i want to invisible)
Login error in HTML code Password Invalid
Profile_Lookup Help
How to write coding with image attached
Issue with function not returning value
I can't get cat photos to show
Adding and removing items from an array
Indentation Error (Anyone see it?)
How do i create my head body pefectly
<form action="/submit-cat-photo."> <input type="text" placeholder="cat photo URL" /> </form>
Goodness help me please!
Please I need help with this challenge HTML
Basic logic not working?
Array.Push does is not pushing the data
I'm having a problem with flex-box
Adding and removing items from an array
Please, I need help on how to do this
Counting Cards( Not sure why not working Need Help)
My code doesn't run for time
Unitialized variables
Need help with landing page navbar links
Help with return largest number in Array
Quoting strings with single quotes JS
Return command in recursion
Nest an Anchor Element within a Paragraph. Each of your a elements should have a closing tag
Assignment with a Returned Value - General Question
Src attribute (kitten)
I dont understand nesting the input
Problem with variable
Random module always prints same numbers
When I run the program and lose in the game, it says "repl process died unexpectedly"
Can someone please explain what seems to be the problem with my code, though it outputs the desired result?
Can someone help please, how to input require attribute
How do I make an already declared value output 2 different values simultenuously?
Need help with nest an anchor tag in paragraph challenge
Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings Lesson
Need help for sqrt
Help me please... Been doing this for 90 mins
Iterate with JavaScript While Loops Help 2
Title Case a Sentence why this doesn't work
Palindrome Checker Javascript
Css, class
I need help in node .js idk whts wrong in it
JavascriptI have used two [.click()] keywords in a program I've made and now after running it doesn't reset and keeps running. IS there a solution?
PLEASE HELP HTML checked boxes
I am stuck i dont know how to write a nav-link could u help?
Dont understand the task Change your external link to an internal link by changing the href attribute to "#footer" and the text from cat photos to Jump to Botto
Cant Pass Challenge
Issue: checkObj({pet: "kitten", bed: "sleigh"}, "gift") should return the string Not Found
Can't Pass Beyond Stage 26 - Learn HTML by Building a Registration Form
Loop recursion in functions and understanding the algorithm
Responsive Web Design Project - Landing Page
I don't know what to do now Nest the existing input element inside a form element and assign "" to the action at
Help please :Nest an Anchor Element within a Paragraph
Am I utilizing hasOwnProperty() correctly here
Write the details of a function that prompts the user for a color and uses what the user typed to set the link color within the existing web page
Looks like same to the solution but still wrong
9 user stories but 10 tests for tribute page?
How to set the alt attribute
convert the existing function to the new style of ES6.
The Counting Cards Tutorial
Can someone help me to understand this it's making confuse. Thanks by the way
My very first Webpage... updated, much better now I hope
Need help with adding images html challenge
Add an attribute to the img
Main containter
Cat Photos Code Won' Work
PLEASE HELP! Implement serialization for a passport user not passing
I need stuck
There should be only one anchor tag on your
Seems like I have the correct code input but failing test(?)
I have found a bug on JavaScript compound assignment increment with augmented
Help with Src Attribute
Anchor Element Lesson - Cant find the Error
Cat Photos Code Won' Work
Not complete challenge
Record Problem Java
Product Landing Page Tests Failing
I'm having trouble with the SRC portion of the tutorial (embarrasing)
Need help on where to place smaller image tag
Javascript madlibs assignment
Footer Issues during my lab assignments
Where am i going wrong here
Error Completing Task
Struggling to nest 'a' element within 'p' - please help
Simple font-size code problem according to fCC test
how to put input in this code
Alt attribute difficulty
Profile Lookup tests won't pass
Amazon price checker
how do i go from here
Having trouble figuring out User story 13
Its still doesnt work
Use Recursion to Create a Range of Numbers1
Responsive Web Design Projects accepting any link
Need help-product landing page - form issues
From a personal project, why isn't it displaying the contect i have checked and i do not have any bugs ill appricate if given a hand on this one
How Do You Write A Element In Paragraph Form?
Basic if/else statements
Help with the "Arithmetic-Formatter
Erro no código-fonte
How do i put my h1 element should be before your h2 element
Aligning Images Horizontally Using Bootstrap?
Stuck at level 70 something (maybe 78)
Ho to implement the vaxTrail function?
Why there is 2 parameters
Correct solution is not passing the test [closed]
Javascript help. palindrome
Tribute Page Test Failure
This is about the Cash Register Javascript DSA project this code is passing the failed test on node but not on FCC can someone tell me what my mistake is?
I need help finding the correct src url for HTML img challenge
Do I have to put "else" in this code?
Im stuck at "create a form element " can someone tell me what im doing wrong?
Html responsive web design
I can't the solution to this problem
Blending image/gif to background
I tried to follow on how to make a discord bot tutorial but all i get is an error
Attribute should not be empty
What is going on?!?
I did the code corectly it keeps on saying Your image should have a src attribute that points to the kitten image
Por favor me ajudem, o que preciso melhorar neste código?
This question has been resolved
Each radio button must have a value attribute
I cant get through this one. I think im doing everything right
Can someone teach me text formatting and the format of replying to other freecodecamp questions?
Need help in html
Close button not function (mobile)
?What is the difference?
Can someone help me on this please?
Registration form: 'm sure i wrote this code correctly. What am I doing wrong?
Hi im a beginner please tell me what was the wrong in this
How do I make my src attribute?
Confusión con Recursión
Technical documentation page 15/16 stuck
Read local txt file in javascript
Cannot figure out Timestamp Microservice project
Skyline Beta Project--Issue with "background" property
Need help with Nav bar error-product landing page
Counting cards switch else if
Src and alt issue
Argument (param1,param2)
Review Using Props with Stateless Functional Components, giving me this error: {Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined}
Hello guys! Please help me,I’ve been sticker on add src attribute to the url. Help me out
Problem with an ' Applied Visual Design' chapter
Help with src and alt
Assistance needed with this code please
Lazy Matching in javascript
Stuck at Basic CCS lesson nr. 9 Add Borders Around Your Elements
Error options = optisons
What am I doing wrong here? I am attempting to generate a new array of populations into percentages
My project is not passing, i cant see the mistake
The head element should wrap around the tittle element
Help Please I am Frustrated :triumph: :sob:
I get stuck with callbacks , i searched to find challenges to practice this concept but i don't find any thing , can anyone help me
I am stuck here please someone should help please
How make an image Responsive in the project assignment
Having challenge move past step 6 of Reponsive web Design (Beta)
Product landing page problem #5
Slice and Splice: ?(ReferenceError: arr2 is not defined)
Serialization of a User Object 5
Whats wrong with my work
Strange regex issue
Nest input inside of form
Please help me to find mistake
Needing feedback on my tribute page
Background color css
Cant move on to next page
How Can I create a form element?
Can someone please correct me here
Seniors checkout my code and give reviews
I need help finding the correct src url for HTML img challenge
What's wrong I do
Need help with my tribute page!
How do I add the label element with for attribute
I need help with image adding to website for html5
I cant see what Im doing wrong,flew through the last 2 lessons but i have become stuck on this
Whats my error in C++
Im stuck at giving a three elements in unordered list can someone help me
BASIC HTML AND HTLM5 -Use HTML5 to Require a Field
Falsy Bouncer code not accepted... don't know why?
Help me im stuck again!
Basic JS: Manipulate Arrays With shift()
Responsive web design to solve problems
JavaScript Testing objects for properties exercise n.91
Pls what could be wrong with this code?
Please help me nest the below
Problem with checkbox
Help me with Tribute page User Story#8 please~
Pls someone should help me to analyze this cos its not working
How to paste code
Stuck on a challengein JavaScript
I am stuck in HTML comment section part
This is Palindrome Checker algorithem that i can
The 'u' tag seems not to be working i dont knw why
React JS , and server error
Not understanding the return value evaluation
Checking through an array?
Confused with the use of the if statement and it's conditions
What is happening in this loop?
What's wrong with this function?
My code is not working using replit but it is working using Spider
Adding images please help
Failed Testcase
Why my div element of class square goes back to rotation 0 degree when i use transform property in my animaton
onClick trigger on single div React
How to add two numbers inside string like that "25 + 30"
I need held with this code, I been trying to add a img in the body like a background i been see video and other problem like this but nothing work
Can someone help me?, I'm so lost
May i know the bug, why my code cannot run
I need need help with full code the env. File on replit
Where do I Belong. Hi everyone I am unable to pass this challenge and would love any help or explanation I can get
Why does my code not work in "Find the longest word in a string"?
Portfolio-survey form project
I did every step but it did not work? ...pleas someone help me
I dont know whats wrong here
Help me to solve this code
Can anyone help me with this challenge 😒
Falling at the first hurdle(uncomment)
For some reason, it won't accept my answer
File.env problem
Boilerplate-arithmetic-formatter testcase help
Install and Set Up Mongoose challenge failed
No veo el error, necesito ayuda
I want help what is wrong I can not put the picture
No puedo terminar este ejercicio me falta algo
Return Array of Objects which contains and pairs Name and Values from the second Argument
Grid-Areas Problem Unresolved
This is about inserting an image test. I'm not understanding where i'm going wrong writing the code and how to place my alt
Figcaption issue within tribute page assignment
I need help with my encouragement bot database
Trying To Size Your Images
Can someone please explain to me why do need "return" on the first arrow function?
When I run my code it keeps saying "You should not change the inner text of the Indoor label."
Budget app spend chart
This is about inserting an image test. I'm not understanding where i'm going wrong writing the code and how to place my alt
Head or Tails game code
Hi every body , can some one help me to resolve my timer problem
What's wrong with my code in Profile Lookup Challenge
Please check my mistake I can't find it
Profile LookUpFunction Halfway
Build a Tribute Page problem 9/10 passed
Why is this not working? set font size for multiple headings
(SOLVED) Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator project help
Arithmetic arrager - what now?
I can't figure out what's wrong with my code?
I tried this many times but this doesn't work, The position changes in devtools but not in the browser. I want to create 3 image by looping it
How do I link the css to the html using codepen
No idea why this isn't working to produce a green border around the cat image
How do i add a meta element
How is it not dodging 2 and 3?
Personal portfolio project inquiry
Nesting existing input into form element
Web-page game crashing
Animate element at variable rates
I am having issues with the checkboxes and radio by default. I have done all that needs to be done but i cant seem to get it right
How to check that with help of loop
Finders keepers please
Adding image and alt related
Input and label issue - Registration Form
Don´t understand the use of brackets alongside, [id] [prop]
I need help in my Class
Images - adeola
I am caught up with src attribute
How to add a thumps up icon
Need help (begineer) HTML,HTML5
Quizzicall app project
Survey Form- Can't see my <p> entry
Not sure what this is asking me to do
Hi there im struggle here, Your anchor (a) element should be nested within the footer element. Make sure to add an opening tag and closing tag for the anchor (a
Python Time Calculator Project Feedback
Cert Project: Build a tribute page
Comparing selected option in the dropdown with other options!
Doesn't getting output. getting a small compile error. #help
Javascript Arrays and const
Problem using array.find to manipulate an object from an array of objects using Id
The test for one of the challenges is not working
Rainbow exercise assignment issue
I don't know how to nest an input element within a form element
Hi, please i need some help as regards my code for the arithmetic formatter project
Why does it keep saying ""You should not change the order of the h1 h2 or p in the code
Need help to solve problem
After coding it keeps telling me not to change the order
This has got to be a browser issue. (?) smaller-image
Where-do-i-belong Help
Reduce challenge
Counting Cards - wrong way?
Creating and "if" statement that activates
Font Awesome Icon FA Paper Plane
HTML family confusion
Survey Form: How can I improve it?
No cambia el tamaño de la imagen con width
Each .nav-link should have an href attribute that links
Step 12: Element Selector in CSS
Where do I put this _blank (target attribute) in the code?
Help for stand in line javascript
Arithmetic_arranger Help needed!
Step 40 of City Skyline not applying background
In step 40 of registration form i have made padding 0 for left and right padding but the test are not passing
Step 28 HTML cat page
I tried everything but my title won't appear at the top!
I tried everything but my title won't appear at the top!
Problem with landing page project!
HTML stage 8 that’s the img element part
I am building a 25 + 5 clock and I'm stuck
Iterating javascript with loops
Please help! Step 42 Learn Typography by building a Nutrition Label
Fixed #navbar in Portfolio exercise not accepted
Html cat// step 12
I don't understand, why it's not correct
How to nest an anchor element to a paragraph element, making it just one anchor element in a page
Step 43 radio button confusion
How do i get pass the puesdo-class
Hello. Item is not deleted on the UI but gets deleted on the backend. I'm still learning react and could use some help to solve this. Thanks
System Error Step 4 - Building a Registration Form
Step4 (New) Responsive Web Design
Cannot pass challenge 49 with <fieldset> element, HELP
Flex-direction always wrong
Having problem with uploading background image and images on my certification project
Is this a glitch or did I do it wrong? Main element on the project "build a tribute page"
Camper cafe step 33
Step 63 assistance needed
Unable to pass a JavaScript challenge
Make p element inline with class attribute
Chaining if Else. Pls Help
CatPotoApp Step 42
Making text into a link by enclosing it in an ancho
You should add the class one to the first marker div element. what does it mean
Step 53 accepts 2 formats, one of them is kinda wrong?
Please guys, Your help is needed for step 50
Build a product landing page user story 13 error
In Step 41 of the registration form with HTML, I don't know what to type for the pseudo-class
No se cual es mi error, si me pueden ayudar
Survey form project - your name-label should be a descendant of the survey-form
I can't pass this step. FCC give hint: "Your link element should be a self-closing element." Help me please
HTML-CSSS Registration Form
Link to website
Hey Everyone. Please help is neededin step 53
What do i do wrong?
Learn html forms by building a form step 18
Buidling a product landing page
PLZ HELP! Level 13 of learning basic CSS html
Please i need your help in step 55
Comment out the the line containing the background-color property and value, so you can see the effect of only styling div element
Constructor: new object's name
Can't pass step3
Flexbox lesson step 20 and 21 issue
Survey form errors - 1/17
Cat photo app - Step 64
It says that to add new p selector so where should i add it?
In step 61 text in nested anchor
I can't pass step 13
Please check if unit tests has a mistake
Survey Form Project - All your radio buttons should have a name attribute and value
Learn HTML, Cat photo app, step 55
Step 84 HTML-CSS what's going on?
How to make cat photo a link
#nav-bar should be at the top of the viewport
Run (build a survey form)
Discussion is about the working of code
Building a registration form Step 26
Not able to solve
What is wrong with my link I am stack on 63
Refactor Global Variables Out of Functions: Why don't I use the copied array name?
I have everything possible but it's not working out, please someone should help me
Can you help me with step 12 please?
Survey Form: display problem
Can anyone help with step 26 please?
Html front page
Basic CSS: Improve Compatibility with Browser Fallbacks
Step 5 (Responsive web design)
Problems with coding challange 22
Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form Step:38
Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu step 74
The data from the server doesn t appear in the UI
What i do wrong in test "Basic CSS: Import a Google Font"
Issue with parallax in my project
What did i do wrong? why dosen't the value not register?
Size your image tutorial
Render a Class Component to the DOM - fail
Escape Sequences in Strings - Help Please
Html page have extra width right space
HTML5 Help required in anchor
React: Add Comments in JSX
7th challenge is not working
Responsive Web Design: Image Response: Auto Display Probz
Introduction to HTML5 Elements, help
Palindrome (flawed)
I am stuck at step 12 and i dont know what i am doing wrong
Delete extra anchors, when there's only one?
Is there an Appendix?
Why can't I get this step right
Step 20 in CSS Flexbox
Each .main-section should have an id that matches the text of its first child, having any spaces in the child's text replaced with underscores (_) for the id’s
How to put input element radio above an existing input with type attribute set to text
I need help with this challenge HTML
Margin correct?
Outputting JS in Codepen
Header and footer help
Center images in bootstrap
Can someone tell me the difference between these?
If-else -help wanted
Hello folks, I am stuck on step 4. How to fix it? Thank you
Please help what is going on here
Learn More About CSS Pseudo Selectors By Building A Balance Sheet
Why the below code showing error?
Text-align: right;
Basic JavaScript - Generate Random Whole Numbers with JavaScript - HGvegyoI9Osnd-9ryPHGb
Pueden ayudarme a resolver este ejercicio?
Not able to use 'clickedValue' value in input field, why?
Hollow Full Pyramid-1
Arithmetic Formatter Noobie
Can't pass step 12 in new responsive design
I dont know if i need to take an anchor out, Im not sure how to "wrap" the image correctly
Stuck at creating link element
You should have two meta elements (stack in first step)
Palindrome project question
What is the first child?
I don't know what I am supposed to do with learn html building a cat photo Step 6
Responsive Web Design - Step 63. Code doesn't pass?
How to turn image into link, step 14
Learn Typography by Building a Nutrition Label
Mutation exercise. code works for oth. strings but not this one. wheres my mistake. hints have indexof() instead of RegExp constructor
Help with why my label is showing an error?
Followed the instructions but it’s still saying I’m wrong
Technical Documentation Page - Build a Technical Documentation Page - UZ5DgleVHAsY9auaopoid
Tribute Page issue or bug
You should give the second label the text Business Account
Je n’arrive pas a finir cette étape
Could anyone help me solve a javascript problem?
Can anyone please tell me why is my code not passing and type the correct code so I can learn from it?
I can`t find the error reason in "Build a Technical Documentation Page"
My delete eventhandler doesn't work
Can somebody help me about this code please
Step 6 HTML-CSS New
I dont know if i need to take an anchor out, Im not sure how to "wrap" the image correctly
Printing diagonal Array
Bugs in the HTML/CSS Penguin tutorial
Learn typography by building a nutrition label step 41
Inicio en el Diseño web responsivo
Help! i am stuck
Linking HTML to CSS
What is the error in this code?
Loops seem to be confusing
Need Help plz, Can't find the solution, nothing is working
No submit button after test completed
What Reduce method is doing here
Build a tribute page: i don't know what's wrong with the "img" element's code
I need help in this one please
Need help on survey form project
Pls tell me whats wrong with my step 63
Stuck at step 63, kindly help
Hello can someone point what i may be doing wrong
Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine - Step 21 - -PR2cH-zsfUTXsIexDut2
Record Collection vol1
Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 40 - JsOTFAlCzmc6LLhB3pHIe
My confusion is unmeasurable
I'm stuck in Testing Objects for Properties
Tribute Page image display and dimensions
Whats a problem?why?
Javascript menu enlazado a páginas html
It keeps saying alt shoudnt be empty
Learn Typography by Building a Nutrition Label - Step 4 - w5GcQAUCCveLKQcp6KQVv
"You shall not PASS!... Step 42."
Help! How to display selected data from json file using search option
I need to apply 5vh to border-bottom in CSS
Stuck in istage 4
Can't find any error
Need help pls ,,Building a Bike Rental Shop
Can't validate the technical documentation project
Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 60
Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 15
How to update Data in Mern-Stack?
Just learning Javascript
Cat Photo App - Step 14
Cat Photo App - Step 14
Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Probability Calculator
Technical Documentation Page
Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 6
Technical Documentation Page - Build a Technical Documentation Page
Cat Photo App - Step 12
Basic JavaScript - Return a Value from a Function with Return
Technical Documentation Page - Build a Technical Documentation Page
Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 12
Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 63
Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 12
Python tkinter entry get() not returning a value
Using reduce() - Use Higher-Order Functions map, filter, or reduce to Solve a Complex Problem
Tribute Page Troubles
Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu
Info on where to find Camper Cafe and Cat Photo App website when completed
Learn Typography by building a Nutrition Label
Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form - Step 26
How do i add a footer on the web page
Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 11
Building a Tribute Page - issue with #image center
HTML-CSS. hola, bendiciones. me podrian ayudar con este ejercicio? Anidar un Elemento de Anclaje dentro de un Párrafo
Can someone help me I couldn’t complete this task for Building a Tribute Page
How do i add a footer on the web page
Learn CSS Colors by Building a Set of Colored Markers - Step 1
Learn CSS Colors by Building a Set of Colored Markers - Step 1
Apply the address class to the p element
Getting the ID of a section
Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form - Step 27
Getting stuck on using the .toUpperCase() can anyone tell me what I'm doing with my code so far
Building a Registration Form - step 56
Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 4
Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz Step 20
2nd day trying to learn coding
CSS step 53 by building a cafe menu
Help to understand nested for loops
Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 2
Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu - Step 17
Survey Form test error
Learn Html by building a cat photo app-step 14
Registration form step 52
Learn html forms by building a registration form
What am I doing wrong here?
Tribute Page - Build a Tribute Page
Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Time Calculator
Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter
Need help using fetch() within a chrome extension.
Checking array equality in confirmEnding function
I can´t see the list in the "Preview window" even if a pass the steps
Issues with medical visualizer functions
I don,t know wh? the child in stats displa in row form
Sending Split Message Doesn't Work - Discord Bot Python
Need help with form tag part (last instruction)
This shouldn't work?
Caesar cipher help
People help me who did this task pls :< task 6
I have added the id attribute in <footer> tag but it still doesn't work. Please help me!
User Story #7: Inside the form, I can enter a number in a field with id="number"
3. The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport
I want to stop if else chain from running do i use return?
I am having trouble creating the quote
Stretched myself on the diffArray intermediate algorithm challenge
I am having trouble creating the quote
Problem with Improve Accessibility of Audio Content with the audio Element
Coloring the first P element
Attribute and value
Isue! Your image element's alt attribute should not be empty
No logro pasar esta prueba y esta bien el código creo
How to complete "JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures"
Code a discord bot video
Alt Attribute Error
Ders calismak istiyorum
Tribute Page Parts 5 and 8
How to write/define method in javascript?
Help with converting string to integer
I want to stop if else chain from running do i use return?
What means exclamation mark before !obj.hasOwnProperty(srcKeys[i])
Help with nesting input in form
Creating ordered list
Checking for NaN falsy value
Help me with setting image's width
Why this code doesn't provide expect result. please help
What is the answer?
First child .main-section
Need a A element
What's wrong with this I don't understand
Record Collection Problem - Not sure what I'm missing
I'm getting TypeError: response.json is not a function error. Can someone please point me in the right direction
I do not know what is wrong with the input text
Function functionWithArgs confusion
Christopher Nolan average rating
What difference does it make If I ADD for="something" alongside Label opening Tag OR if I don't mention it at all?
Word blanks basic JS giving me issues
Help me find the name, sort by price, share button for each product in following code !?
Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator Bug
Data Structure challenge (Everything but true) doesn't pass on a correct solution
Bug ,problem or i'm blind?
Counting Cards: Splitting the function in 2 different functions
Hi thanks in advance Im pulling my hair out
Hi thanks in advance Im pulling my hair out
How do I make a line break in the previewer when the user presses enter in the editor
Each of your `label` elements should have a closing tag
Learn Accessibility by Building a Q uiz
What happens with this javascript function code
How to review the submitted response of a form?
Cash register puzzle 😵
<form action=""> <input type="text" place older="form action"> </form>
Loop - increment
Can someone tell me the problem with my code :HTML STEP55
Page views Time Series Visualizer
Can't finish lessons
Discord Bot IndentationError- line 15
Usando a tag <a></>
Record collection.....2 case failing
Add one a element
Why it tells me that I have an error?
Need Help on Survey Form
I'm getting an error for footer. Please help!
clearInterval Handler not working?
Beginner - string.slice , no coma between parameters, and [0] written after it and i don't know why
Hello ,I can't pass this test on : link to external pages with anchor elements
Use the .env File (need help)
Counting cards sollution
Use the .env File (need help)
Testing Objects for Properties 2021
.env file solution not being accepted
I can't explain my mistake but i need help!
lowToday should be equal to 64 and highToday should be equal to 77
When I was looking for the longest word in the string and replying to a number in the JS basic algorithm script, I encountered an error, please help, thank you!
How do i fix this? AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'keys'
Trying to consume this api using fetch and display on my app not showing
TypeError but I did everything like in the Tutorial :D
Describe function of float data type
Budget app syntax problem
Test says fail but output is correct
Test keeps failing using responsive web design
I am stuck on nest an anchor element
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<img src="" alt="A business cat wearing a necktie.">
<img src="" alt="A business cat wearing a necktie.">
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Помогите решить
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