Forum Code Formatting

This post is modeled on, but modified for the slight differences between the Forum and Gitter. If you are interested in using Spoiler blocks, check this post: Spoilers.

You can post code in two ways. Single word/line snippets can be handled inline. Multiple lines should be handled in code blocks:


Wrap your code in a single back ticks:


Code Blocks

Wrap your code in triple back ticks, with new lines between the back ticks and code:


Typing Backticks:arrow_heading_up:

QWERTY and QWERTZ (Key that’s been marked with red border)

AZERTY France (Alt Gr + Key that’s been marked with red border)

AZERTY Belgium (Alt Gr + Key that’s been marked with red border)

QWERTY Estonian (Key’s that have been marked with red border)

Estonian Keyboard layout

QWERTZ ( SHIFT+double press the key that’s been marked with red border)

If it’s not there…

You can use the code Alt+0096 to get a backtick on any keyboard with a numeric pad

Can't save my codepen.. Help please
What am I am doing wrong with the div element? I suppose to assign the background silver?
Project: Check for Palindromes
Falsy bouncer code doesn't work
JS: Profile Lookup (Help)
The filter method
I need help with this guys. Error: No default engine was specified and no extension was provided."
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You should import the Lobster font
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Function doesn't filter my elements
Building a tribute page project challenge
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I dont know, how to put it correct?
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Why my code can't pass the test?
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Create a Component with Composition:
.innerHTML not always working. Why?
Why isn't running
Return property if object is found
Is possible to use .reduce until a condition is met?
I am stuck on Random Quote Machine
Sobre una lección en el curso de HTML
Loop Being Bypassed?
Use the reduce Method to Analyze DataPassed
Help me to solve this please
Spacing and line breaks in JS
about Improve Compatibility with Browser Fallbacks
Why is freecodecamp cheating on me
Solution of radio button
**Challenge:** Use the Rest Parameter with Function Parameters
Resizing pixel width to 100
React:Cannot read property 'createElement' of undefined
I have problem i think i have followed all the instructions
STUCK on a CODE snippet
Arithmetic _arranger
Javascript Profile Lookup
Help me i am beginner
1 SyntaxError: invalid regular expression flag s
Local variables not working. HELP!
I need help pls xD
Set state code block
Profile Lookup (JavaScript Challenege/Exercise) - Code explanation
Use an equal sign with SLIM Template(HTML)
Help modifying this script
Detecting property of caller function
BROKEN: **Challenge:** Create a Form Element
Convert array to object
Tribute Page to "The Office"
Navbar position
Build Technical Documentation Page
Help with Reusable Function
Page View Time Series Visualizer: box plot different from example
Css navbar not not showing on webpage
What Is a src attribute
I need help, please!
Nav Bar Issue please Help
I have a problem with the first test
FCC testing script not working
Title Case a String without replace()
My website doesn’t respond after this Js code
Am unable to edit the a with catphotos
Python Simple program (functions) problem HELP PLEASE
I can't improve my score... Do you have any tip?
How to create a back button with integers (VERY NEW)
Javscript basic algorithms mutation
I Do not understand this. Can someone help me
BROKEN: **Challenge:** Create a Form Element
Why this is not working?
Arithmetic Formatter in Python, Test don't pass
Is fcc website bugged?
Stuck on: User Story #1: My tribute page should have an element with a corresponding id="main", which contains all other elements
Stuck on HTML Cat photo, nesting part
#ASK How solve function code. STUCK
Stuck on HTML Cat photo, nesting part
I need help with this problem
Add one a element
Profile Lookup Challenge Problem
Varibale being used to set the background color
Asking for help in html-css
Need help with Error
I am not able to put it in the correct order
Birthday Cake Candles | HackerRank
I can't solve the 3rd problem
Javascript if/else
Is this bugged?
Product landing page project help please
Data Analysis in:title
JavaScript Problem #5555
Need Help with the "form" and "input"
Non capisco cosa cambia dall'esercizio precedente
Getting unexpected error with the record collection exercise
I have no idea how to capture codes
I need a help in this javascript output
Struggling on Form Element
Help me link the image
Date value format
Why is my project header not showing up
How do i make a search bar that searches through the images
Order an array with bubble sort
Order an array with bubble sort
Closure exercise
Change to python
Tribute Page of Anne Frank
Stuck on Stand in Line I need help I don't know what is error
Test failing after right steps
User story #12 Product landing page
What do i do next?
I can not make my image center to its parent element
Function inside object won't work
Support to fix/solve the errors of MainActivity of Audio Player Music App!
Can anyone tell me what is the wrong with this code
Multiple JSON objects via AJAX
How to center paragraphs and photos
Def function help
wordBlanks JS Challenge Help
Title Case a Sentence challenge won't pass
Restrict Possible Usernames solution
I need help with arrays in Javascript
Adding animation to github site
Nothing is working
Unable to complete this task
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Can someone help me?
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Can anyone take a look at my code and help me optimize it?
Is there any errors in this code
Is this not nested? im new to this
APIs and Microservices course ... looks not working
Reverse string using for loop
Record Collection. I just am tired
Checking object has value
Help on Java Script
Help me with the discord bot
Text allign vertical and side by side
Cannot pass 2 of the tests in this challenge
This code throws error while used in react saying 'target' is undefined
How to give a value an attribute
This code throws error while used in react saying 'target' is undefined
function has no attribute
Basic CSS: Issues changing a variable for a specific area
First forms disappearing when I started on the later forms
DNA Pairing Solution with if/else Chain
Anchor and Footer Tag Failing Test
Need Help on Arithmetic Formatter
JS Basic Algorithm scripting - Title Case a Sentence
Create Form not working
Daniel Chae Article
Commenting out on HTML
Lots to unpack here - can anyone explain how this works please?
My noob py workout
Arithmetic Formatter errors
Link to internal session of a page with anchor elements
Bug en en selector de casillas
User Story #7: Inside the form, I can enter a number in a field with id="number"
Cannot add id attribute to footer
3. The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport
I want to stop if else chain from running do i use return?
Javascript Error Prevention
I am having trouble creating the quote
Tribute page help user story target blank
Stretched myself on the diffArray intermediate algorithm challenge
I am having trouble creating the quote
I am having trouble creating the quote
I am having trouble creating the quote
Problem with Improve Accessibility of Audio Content with the audio Element
Big numbers to smaller numbers
Attribute and value
i can help me . please
Not clear why code isn't working
Create:Media Query 2
Portfolio on mobile shows afew pixels to the right, help!
Code a discord bot video
Problem with keyword "this" in React class on CodePen
How do i do this :P
N’est <a >in a <p> With a space after
Ders calismak istiyorum
I don't know why chaining query helpers is not succeeding in this last challenge of MongoDB ( API and Microservices Certification) , Please Help
Tribute Page Parts 5 and 8
ES6: getters and setters
Change Variable for Specific Area - Will not accept answer
Answer found for Nest an Anchor Element within a Paragraph
Discord Bot can type in multiple channels and repeat the program
Nesting topic stuck
Help with converting string to integer
I want to stop if else chain from running do i use return?
If else statements
Help with nesting input in form
Creating ordered list
Came across new operator help me understand
Checking for NaN falsy value
Commenting out on HTML
What is the answer?
Arithmetic Formatter What is this failing for?
Cant figure out please help
Adding licence to package.json not working
Need a A element
What's wrong with this I don't understand
Getting Syntax Error On Python Discord Bot
I'm getting TypeError: response.json is not a function error. Can someone please point me in the right direction
Swap Characters JS function
Discord bot is not working
Elementary error
Function functionWithArgs confusion
Where's the problem?
Christopher Nolan average rating
Christopher Nolan average rating
What difference does it make If I ADD for="something" alongside Label opening Tag OR if I don't mention it at all?
Help me find the name, sort by price, share button for each product in following code !?
Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator Bug
Data Structure challenge (Everything but true) doesn't pass on a correct solution
Accesibility course
Bug ,problem or i'm blind?
Counting Cards: Splitting the function in 2 different functions
Hi thanks in advance Im pulling my hair out
Hi thanks in advance Im pulling my hair out
Regular expression help.///
Help: Creating a form element
How do I make a line break in the previewer when the user presses enter in the editor
I am just at a freaking loss here, I don't understand how to add a footer?
Each of your `label` elements should have a closing tag
New to JS...Need help with form submission!
Java Spring boot thymeleaf to Json
Am stuck please help me out. IS A FORM ELEMENT attribute which is set to
What happens with this javascript function code
I need help understanding why my sortproperties function isnt recieving the object
Cash register puzzle 😵
<form action=""> <input type="text" place older="form action"> </form>
ES6 Course, Object Property Shorthand Topic Issue
Anchor attribute broken, help?
Am a beginner confused about reduce
Page views Time Series Visualizer
I need help scraping 2 tables from a website using R Studio :)
Card Counting..Using Switch
Discord Bot IndentationError- line 15
Problemas al agregar "boton de enviar" hago todo pero no me acepta los cambios
Usando a tag <a></>
I am just at a freaking loss here, I don't understand how to add a footer?
Record collection.....2 case failing
how to get radio buttom
**how can i solve this ?**
Add one a element
Why it tells me that I have an error?
Link at the action
Why my Code doesnt past the tests?
Need Help on Survey Form
I'm getting an error for footer. Please help!
Use reduce method to analyze data category
Flexbox - confusion in how to specify which section to apply CSS to - challenge #3 (product landing)
Issue in “Img src” challenge
Hello ,I can't pass this test on : link to external pages with anchor elements
Use the .env File (need help)
Counting cards sollution
The style sheet is not reflecting
Use the .env File (need help)
.env file solution not being accepted
i need help in your discord bot tutorial i get this error
I can't explain my mistake but i need help!
Help Tribute page FreeCodeCamp
Install and Set Up Mongoose (I am confused)
Run Functional Tests on an API Response using Chai-HTTP IV - PUT method (whats my issue)
TypeError: Cannot read property 'env' of undefined
There's a bug with the lesson "Use Attribute Selectors to Style Elements" in Basic CSS courseS
TypeError but I did everything like in the Tutorial :D
Describe function of float data type
Budget app syntax problem
.env file not working
Trying to solve using Nested For Loops
Arithmetic Arranger Python Certification Project
I am stuck on nest an anchor element
Use the .env file (HELP)
JS Apply Functional Programming to Convert Strings to URL Slugs
Nesting a elememnt . what missing closing p element?
How do I nest input element into Form element
Please can someone help me with this (You should only have one a element.)
On page title: Create a Set of Checkboxes
Run Functional Tests using a Headless Browser (All Test Should Pass) is wrong
I don't know why this is wrong
Understanding callback function
Basic CSS: specify how font should degrade
NaN / recursion issue
Arithmetic Failing
Please help me with this problem
Code not running test even when image is showing
Help! Java Script - Record Collection
Code not working possible problems: if else
Js counting cards
Der aText sollte " Nach unten springen" sein
What is the best way to let you see my challenge code and ask for your opinions or suggestions?
I`m get stuck on Mutations
Discussion is about the working of code
Error: The a text should be "Jump to Bottom"
Basic CSS: Improve Compatibility with Browser Fallbacks
Help fix bug please
Problems with coding challange 22
Word Blanks how does it work excatly?
The data from the server doesn t appear in the UI
Product Landing Page: Media Query test fails
What i do wrong in test "Basic CSS: Import a Google Font"
Issue with parallax in my project
Google web font not working correctly
What did i do wrong? why dosen't the value not register?
Size your image tutorial
Render a Class Component to the DOM - fail
Create a Set of Radio Buttons, Again!
Escape Sequences in Strings - Help Please
Tribute Page column Help
Moving code from to Netbeans IDE
Html page have extra width right space
HTML5 Help required in anchor
How to set specific border
React: Add Comments in JSX
7th challenge is not working
Please i need help with this my code is correct and my browser zoom is set at 100% but i can't pass the challenge
Responsive Web Design: Image Response: Auto Display Probz
Link to Internal Sections of a Page with Anchor Elements 5
Introduction to HTML5 Elements, help
Why does the very first test say 82%?
Outputting JS in Codepen
I don't understand
Header and footer help
Center images in bootstrap
How do i make jquery run offline? [Solved]
Can someone tell me the difference between these?
Help! Basic HTML and HTML5: Link to Internal Sections of a Page with Anchor Elements
If-else -help wanted
Help needed in sorted union algorithm challenge!
Push an object into array using for loop and saving it into lcoalstorage
Image is not centered
CSS challenge to change background-color
Issues with medical visualizer functions
Why internal link not working
What is wrong? help
<form action=""> <input type="text"placeholder=""> </form>
Filtering objects from one array that are present in another object
Please help me to understand this iteration
Nested 'for' loop
Menu is not working
I cant see my image
Can't pass this lesson
jQuery / updating the DOM multiple times / CHAINING
I need assitance with creating a form element

I had so much trouble with that

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Thanks for being so kind to teach me this trick.
When you’re knew, the simplest thing can derail you. I was thinking “I clearly should not be a programmer if I can’t even figure out how to post to the forum properly.”


I am having problems with my Windows laptop to make this work. Do you know how to resolve this issue?

Thanks alot sir for teaching me this…its really good

Or for everyone that doesn’t have the backtick in the keyboard (looking at you Italian QWERTY…): ALT + 0096 (Windows)

QWERTZ ( SHIFT+double press the key that’s been marked with red border)

thank you - I am adding this to the top post if you don’t mind

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Go ahead, I’m just glad it can be useful.

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I’ve never heard of back ticks before and still slightly unclear about what they are. As a newbie I’m stuck on some code and posted it without these and obviously advised to put them in. I’m working in the UK on a MacBook keyboard, any ideas please where I would find them? TIA

@ClaraSais Post a picture of your keyboard and we will try to help you find the backtick key.

Thank you I will shortly

Thank you for the backtick (ALT+0096) now I can move forward with confidence you are a GREAT HELP!!

You don’t need the backtick key, just hilight the text and press the </> button in the editor. This one:

The standard response really should be changed to that.

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Thank you I found the backtick on the internet thank you for your reply.

Hi, what html editor do you use for this example?

do you mean this?

that’s not an html editor, it’s the forum editor and preview, maybe the old version for the colors, but it works the same

Thanks for this post. It s very useful one :slight_smile:
it s very well explained :slight_smile:

Thanks for the trick, bro :smiley: :smiley:

i still think though :thinking: am having trouble with the backticks