How can I know whether my project is OK or not?

Hey guys,

So I finished the Responsive Web Design section. Then, I moved onto projects, I finished the first project called “Build a tribute page”. I submitted my codepen link. How can I know that page is OK or not? After I submitted, I could not get any feedback, just moved to second project.

Of course by asking actual people!
This is what project-feedback forum section exists for.

Do you pass the tests? That is the first indication that your page is fine
After that you can ask in the #project-feedback section for feedback from others

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I am not entirely sure what happens when you submit your link but I assume that if it doesn’t complain at you, your program passes. You should know if it passes by running the test suite manually while you program anyway.

You might get a better answer from more knowledgeable people if you select category Support for your post instead of HTML-CSS.

And as @arigoru said, if you want people to give you feedback on your program (in addition to running automated tests on it) post a link to it with the Project Feedback category.

It is my first project in this website, I am a little confused.

I created a page by following instructions here:

Then, I submitted my codepen link to solution field. Should I do something else to test my page?

On your codepen page there should be either a small window or a button with the test suite on the left-top corner. You select the correct challenge and press the Run Tests button. Then the test button shows how many tests passed and you can press it to have more information.

At least if you created your codepen by forking the starter one in the instructions.

If you didn’t you can add this link in the Javascript settings:


Nothing happens when you submit your link other than the link being saved to your profile. It’s possible for FCC admins to see these links and review them, usually to investigate possible plagiarism, but in general the criteria for project completion is on the honor system.

Thanks, I was never clear on that. I assumed it would run some tests either on the client or on the server and I was never sure if I could remove the test suite before submitting a link. I guess I can now.