How to test my code?

I am working on the course project:, and not sure how to test if my code can pass all tests.

No matter what link I put in the solution link, it just redirect me to next link and not show any test result.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Copy this to the bottom of your html

<script src=""></script>

@Xiaohan5349, when you submit your project there is no automated testing done.

As per the project instructions, when you fork the sample page the test suite is there.
If you code locally, the instructions also provide you with the CDN link for the test suite.

You can run the test suite yourself to ensure that all tests are passing prior to submitting your project.
When you submit your project, keep the test suite in your project.

If you’d like to have others look over your project and provide you feedback you can open a topic in the #project-feedback subforum. Be sure to include a link to your project when you do.


work fine with me… Thank you!

Yep, this is the line you have enter into your html page for the tests can be performed. It is advised to put it at the end of the code of your page.