Responsive web design projects reply time

how long does it take to get a reply on the projects i submitted, I submitted a project maybe a week ago and I still dont know if I passed it or not… Any help?

Hey there,

There is no reply for the projects - you should ensure that the tests for the project pass in the test suite before submitting. If you want feedback on the project, you can create a topic here on the forum and ask others to take a look at your work. :slight_smile:


how do I use the test suite?

In the CodePen, where the live preview is, click on the green hamburger menu on the top left. Then choose the project that you are currently working on. From there, click “Run Tests”.

Depending on the project, there are different number of tests to successfully pass., there is no hamburger menu on mine

Hey @Tariqyahya123!

You have the test suite, see the left top corner.