Responsive Web Design Projects! Confusion

hello campers! i have always wanted to ask this question for months but i don’t know to go about it.Please how do i get to submit my projects when i’m through with the coding? cause it’s giving me a lot of concerns and because i don’t know how to go about with the submission,its really making me to be lazy with the completion of the coding. Thanks.

I use to host my projects then when they pass the required tests you take the url from the project and put it into the project submission screen. Then submit it.

If you do not already have a CodePen account, you’ll need to create one.

Your project is to be completed on CodePen and you will submit the url of your completed project.

CodePen is a bit different than crafting a web project from scratch so you might practice a bit before you get started.

There is some testing software that you include in your page to determine if you are satisfying the required user stories.

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