Wanna start my projects

I would like to start my projects on responsive web design, but i don’t know how to begin. I keep seeing people’s links to codepen or github, but I don’t have accounts on these sites yet. If i do need to open one, what then? Do i write the code somewhere else and upload or can i write it on these sites? I just got into this a week ago and i’m feeling overwhelmed. Please help. Thank you.

You need an account on codepen, you can write directly in code pen, there is a box for html and one for css (ignore the third one) where you can write your things

Here you can find an example of finished result plus the codepen with the test suite to fork (there is a fork button), after you fork it you can start creating things in the forked pen (don’t delete what’s already there or you will not have the test suite anymore)


GitHub you can leave for the future

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