Submitting work assignment?

I have gone through the courses of HTML and CSS. I used the JS file to error check my my work with the Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Tribute Page locally on my local machine, it say’s passed. Now I need to submit it to the proper folks at FCC and I do not know how. Do I have to submit it through codepen? If so then how? Do I need to have an account with the codepen? The page states, " emphasized textOnce you’re done, submit the URL to your working project with all its tests passing.emphasized text. What URL? Where do I get a URL for my project to be submitted?

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if you have a codepen account, you can save the pen to your account and get an unique url to submit your project url. it is not necessary to use codepen, anything that would make your project available
online is fine (codesandbox,, etc)

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Okay, that gives me a unique URL. Now where’s the contact information to send my unique URL to?

there is a field in the project page, submit there

note, you need to use the test suite to test your project and it should be included in your project.
The projects are not graded, or corrected, there is only the automatic testing, so if you want feedback (highly recommended you search for feedback), create a topic in #project-feedback

Well, I guess code pen is not an option. When I got to sign up and fill out the form it throws the Captcha up so far to the top of the screen that it is out of view. When I try to scroll up to see the Captcha it disappears. Broken site. I’ll try the others you mentioned. Will those others give a field to submit to FCC also?

the field is in the freecodecamp project page, below the list of user stories, not in the project you have created

all of those can give you an unique url to submit, yes