Projects are completed but are not linked

I’m new here. My projects show completed but only one is linked to open. The rest go to blank codepen page. I’ve tried to resubmit them but it still won’t work. Any ideas?

Hello and welcome to the FCC community~!

What is the CodePen link that you are being taken to?

That is the link for the FCC Test Suite. By chance, did you remember to “fork” it before starting your work on each project? Can we see the links you are trying to resubmit?

try to go here and submit the link again:


I’ve tried that. It doesn’t seem to update it.

When you submit the link, you get the little modal that pops up with your percentage and a checkmark. Do you click “Sumbit and Continue” on that as well?

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I did it again and made sure to submit that as well. It worked fine. Beginner mistake. Thank you!

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