Saving/Referencing Completed Projects


The Personal Portfolio Webpage project requires us to link to at least one completed project. I’ve done the previous 4, and passed the tests.

When I looked for my previous projects in my FCC account and pressed the “show solution” button (to get a URL for the link) none of my previous projects had been saved (I’ve got them all in notepad files on my laptop).

When I re-created one of the projects, using the code saved on my laptop, there didn’t seem to be any option to save it, so it might be referenced later (e.g. for my Personal Portfolio Webpage, and the certification)

Any ideas about this?

Many thanks


Hello, PeterL.

What happens when you click on the Show Solution button? Can you see anything logged into your devtools?

Did you complete the projects using CodePen? fCC does not store any of your code, it would just keep the link to your CodePen, if you used it.

If nothing more comes out of this, please report a bug. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

Hello Sky

Thanks for getting back to me.

I did the projects using the codepen fork, but didn’t see any “save” option on the page menu at the time of completing each project (So I saved the code on my laptop as a back-up).

So it looks as if they aren’t held anywhere in fcc or codepen.

Do I need to set up my own codepen account and save them there in order to reference them from my fcc Personal Portfolio project?

I had a quick look at this and admit that, as a total newbie to this world, I occasionally find the language and layouts of the pages and facilities of codepen a bit new and confusing.

Or is there some simpler way?

Thanks in advance


That all sounds normal. I did not have a CodePen account when I did the first few projects, and I am still able to see the solution for them. fCC just saves the link from CodePen. A back-up on your local system is never a bad idea.

Do the previous projects appear as completed on your /learn page? That is, do they have a checkmark next to them?

Hello Sky

Yes, the previous 4 projects are all checkmarked on my learn page.

In my “settings” page, when I click the “show solution” button, it opens a blank codepen page ( with the “Hello camper” message on the HTML page.

There doesn’t seem to be any reference via codepen or fcc which brings up the completed projects.

I guess I’m trying to avoid opening new accounts with codepen or anywhere else, at least for the time being.

yes, you need a place where to host your code online. Once/If the automatic tests will start your certification will be revoked if the link you provided is not of your own project with all tests passing.
And codepen doesn’t save your code if you don’t have an account.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be codepen, there are various places where you can host your projects online. I like, for example.

Hi Ieahleen,

Guess you’ve nailed it there! While I was waiting for replies I reposted one of my previous projects in a separate codepen fork, saved the url, then used it as the ref for my Personal Portfolio Page project, and it worked beautifully, with this project passing all tests just a couple of minutes ago.

Thanks for taking the trouble, very much appreciated! It’s helped this newbie to stop stumbling around in the dark, and start to find his way.

Keep up the good work!


Hi Sky

Just had a post from Ieahleen saying I need to sort a place to host/save my previous projects (codepen or, etc.).

While waiting just now I managed to make it work, and passed all the tests on this latest project.

Appreciate you taking the time to help!

Best wishes


Did you create the projects in CodePen? If so, they should be saved to your CodePen accounts and accessible at those links. (They’re the same links that you submitted as the locations of your projects.)