Can I move all my FCC projects off of Codepen?

Now that I’m setting up a portfolio for myself, I have put all my projects on my own hosted server.

Would it be a problem to delete all my projects on Codepen? The reason I’m asking is because I had to submit a link to my projects every time I completed one to FCC. If I delete my Codepen, FCC won’t have the links to my projects anymore. Does this even matter anymore, since I got the FED cert a couple of weeks ago now?

I think the only requirements are that the project is live and the code is available.

Maybe include a link to the code on the page if you port your actual FCC linked version to GitHub, or post the repo link as your submission and have the URL to the live site clearly visible in the description and

Just go to your map and resubmit with the new links.

Yeah, I think the easiest/best thing is to just go back and resubmit the new links. Thanks.