Quick question on including FCC projects on portfolios

The consensus seems to be that FCC projects are appropriate to include as experience on an online portfolio since we are doing these projects on our own. That being said, should the CodePen version of these projects be included on the portfolio, or would it be a better idea to copy our projects onto a website of our own?

I would save the various files to your hard drive and at least deploy to a website of your own, yeah. It’s very unlikely that you’ll end up using CodePen at a job, so it makes more sense to save everything and learn how to deploy it. You can use surge.sh to do so. You might also want to host the code on GitHub as well and link your GitHub account on your resume and your portfolio.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t want to use codepen for my portfolio. I think you want to have your own web site. Would you want to hire a web designer that doesn’t have a web site? And downloading from codepen is easy - in the editor view, in the lower right corner, export -> export to .zip. Just unpack that in a subdirectory and link to it from your portfolio. It’s easy.