Where to keep portfolio projects

I have my projects on codepen and haven’t put one on GitHub does it matter to have on GitHub I also created my first website got a domain name does that show employers how serious I am

Employers would probably laugh if you show them your projects on codepen. Use GitHub instead.


I agree with Oxyrus. Codepen is not the way to go.
GitHub is the industry standard for storying code/projects, I’d suggest start there.
Concurrently, I also suggest you make your own website (similar to the portfolio project on FreeCodeCamp) to show case thumbnails of your work, information about yourself, and even a resume.

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There’s probably some truth to that.

GitHub is awesome!

Yes you need GitHub, if you don’t already have GitHub and get hired, you’ll likely be making a GitHub Account soon enough because many workplaces use GitHub Organizations.

I love Codepen, but it’s hard to display in a portfolio-like way, so I’ll add to the Github love.

Nice thing about Codepen, you can export your finished projects to zip or even straight to Gist. I’d recommend going the zip route though. It means you can open it, add a readme, and push it to Github. If it’s a final project with an index.html, I also like to set up Github Pages to render and display it (which I then link to in the readme).

Then, go into your main profile section (on GH) and pin your favourite repos. Drag them around to an order thats nice and you’re good.

You could even host your actual portfolio site (so long as it’s static or pure front-end JS) on Github using Github Pages and setting up the domain. It’s all right there and easier than you might think.

You can setup Github Pages for all of your projects on a custom domain too :slight_smile:


What I would suggest is that you take the time to create a nice portfolio/personal website that shows your style and implements all of the projects you’ve created into the sites gallery or portfolio area. As you are laying out your works into the site, make sure not to put all of your best work up front. So as to keep the visual interest while others are reviewing your work’s section, put a few good one’s up front then a few that are not quite as awesome, then finally more of your best near the end. However, one key point is to never put work on there just to fill up space. If it’s not something you yourself feel looks like it has some thought and passion put into it, don’t display it for the sake of filling out your site. Sometimes less is more.

Here is mine. It’s not perfect by any means, just want to give you an idea of how I laid out mine.

My Portfolio Site

Hope this helps.


Oh your site is amazing!