Can I put Code Pen PORTFOLIO LINK on my RESUME?

Hello Everyone,

I was just wondering that , can I put code pen portfolio link on my resume. Does it cause any negative impact in considering me for that position?

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I thought you just asked in a previous thread about posting your portfolio online… Are you asking now about your personal portfolio web page that you were trying to host, or your portfolio itself? If you are talking about a link to your codepen profile/portfolio, I don’t see why it would cause a negative effect. Linking to a GitHub repo for each project would be the norm, but I don’t see why showing projects on codepen could be considered negative. Just my thoughts.


You could always download the CodePen code, and upload it to GitHub and host it there…

I mean if you are worried about what it looks like to have a CodePen as a link or something…

and a bit of an explanation for using GitHub to host pages

But you do it here:


Hey ! Isaac thanks for your response I tried to host my portfolio on github, but I ended up like , created a repository with JS,CSS,HTML files but it’s not acting as a actual portfolio site :frowning: . So I thought I should move on with CODEPEN link , but wasn’t sure if I can put that on a Resume. So I just asked here to see if someone has already did that :slight_smile:

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I think this might be what you’re looking for:
It sounded like before you only just pushed files to a repository, but with github pages, you can host it on an actual site. Or you can use surge. That’s a great place to host front end projects.

yup I tried that before and I followed all the commands but somehow it didn’t work for me :frowning: , I heard about surge but I thought recruiters will have a positive eye on my resume if I show them using github pages(assuming this candidate knows how to use github :stuck_out_tongue: )

Well not necessarily github pages. You can use anything to host your portfolio, and include links to a github repo for each project. The portfolio itself doesn’t need to be hosted on github.


I’m confused about your GitHub account, it looks like you have two of them:

You can use surge and GitHub together. Put your code on GitHub (not Pages), and host with Surge not GitHub. A recruiter can view your site live on Surge, and they can view your code on GitHub. I did this. My simon says game is hosted on surge, but I have the code on GitHub. If you want to do this, first get the code on GitHub, and then run surge in your directory.
git add -A
git commit -m "for GitHub"
git push
With that, you would have your code on GitHub and running live on surge. You can then link to the surge website on your repo.


I’ve done it a few times following the pages links above (I linked to it, and so did @codefu-chivy )

this is a bit of a guide on it:

the key was creating the gh-pages branch and pushing the final version up to it.

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haha :stuck_out_tongue: I created those accounts accidentally :stuck_out_tongue: , but can’t delete one of them :frowning: because they are linked with FCC and other coding groups

and thank you so much !!! for taking time and helping me out here I appreciate all your help ! I will definitely try that Surge and GitHub.

Thanks again !! :slight_smile:


I really recommend Netlify… Just Drag&Drop and your portfolio gonna be online!

It’s also easy to work with contact forms without back-end scripts!

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