How to host my Portfolio online?

Hello every one !

I finally completed my PORTFOLIO. Now I was just wondering how to host this officially ? I’ve been applying for Entry level jobs , but they’re asking my PORTFOLIO site address. But I think , I just can’t give’em a code pen link, instead I should host it on a server. So does anyone have idea how to do this can I find any FREE online resources to host my PORTFOLIO site.

Any help would be appreciated !!!

Thank you !

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@suryaiduri GitHub or GitLab pages will work for this. GitHub pages is a little easier to setup.


I would use digital ocean. You can easily serve static files behind nginx

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Useful guide to getting started on GH pages:


Try netlify . why ? free hosting ( forever unless u need more people for your projects ) , free CDN ( super fast ) , free SSL and free custom domain integration and what u need is your project gihub repo. nelify deploy , that is all . i am using it .


The other benefit when using GitHub or GitLab pages is that other developers and those who hire folks will know that you know how to use git and that you have the skills to set things up correctly on GitHub or GitLab, which they probably already use themselves.

Easiest by far is I am looking into your codepen and no offense but i dont think you’re ready yet for job. Try to do these front-end projects here, so you will have to show something in your portfolio. Good luck!


I have wanted to try netlify out since the freeCodeCamp guide section uses it, but I haven’t got around to it yet. I first used GitHub pages, and it was pretty straightforward. is easier than GitHub pages, because you don’t have to setup git, just run surge in directory. You probably don’t need paid hosting such as Digital Ocean or GoDaddy since you are doing front-end work.


Hi Jackson,
I uploaded all my files to githib using your suggested TOPIC , but when I open my git LINK it’s showing up only list of files in that repository not acting like a page . Could you pls help me !!

Thanks !

Your link is to the repo, not the page - I know it’s a bit confusing.

The live link will be:

However, that doesn’t work either yet. With most pages you serve from the gh-pages branch as you have done here, but the one has a different rule as it is only intended to serve the root domain page for your profile.

If you serve that page on the master branch it should work. If not, there may be a setting I’ve forgotten about.

The full docs are here if you haven’t seen them yet:

Github pages FTW! You get your own free or domain, response times are much better, no space or bandwidth restrictions and it is a lot easier to setup:

-Create a repository with name;
-Add static website to the repository

and done!

you can access your website using

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Goto settings tab in your repo:

Scroll down to GitHub Pages section and check for message and url if your site is published.