Where to post working websites

hey guys

So I have just finished my third website and now I am starting to build my portfolio page so I can start applying for jobs, but I am a little stuck as to where to post my working websites so potential employers can see them. The ones I see on other developers websites are for professional projects so they just link straight to them but mine are all just self-made. Anyone know where i could put these (ideally for free) ?

Where are you hosting your portfolio? I would start there.

If that doesn’t work, or if you need a place to host your portfolio, then github can do it with Github Pages. You can even buy a url and have it point there.

This is assuming that you are using github, which you should be doing anyway.

thanks Kevin i appreciate the quick reply.

At the moment I am signed up to GitHub but I haven’t really used it as I find it a bit overwhelming.

I understand, it is overwhelming. But it also an important part of modern programming.

I would at least get in the habit of making repos and saving your code. It will be something you can show interviewers (many with check) and you can start getting a presence there, that gives you some cred. I’d check out some youtube videos on the basics of saving code there - how to create a repo, then add, commit and push/pull. There’s a lot more it can do, but that will give you a start. And then you can learn to set up a site on github pages. That can be a basic portfolio site.

The other option is to find cheap hosting somewhere else. There are many options.

Did you know how you plan to host a site?

I host my site on a cheap host and reference my code on github. There are many options. This is my site. I’m not saying it’s the best site, but it works. The code is hosted on github and the running examples are local on my site, in a folder.

Yes, this is all confusing, but it’s part of the job. You’ll get it.

Let us know if you have any more questions.