Do I Git to Github or not?

Hi there, I am new here and I feel great to be part of this community. I am almost done with the Responsive Design Curriculum. However, I do not know if using Git and Github requires to have “big” projects, app, websites? Or as beginner simple python and little programs will do? As well as simple landing pages? Wouldn’t it hurt in the future these “small” things for employability?

Using github is a great idea! Github Pages is a good way to host small websites for free.

You can always set repositories to private if you don’t want other people to see them, but I highly doubt employers are gonna dig through your github to find your beginner projects.

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Thank you! I see, I think I’ll start using it with basic stuff. I guess it’ll become better progressively as my skill set grows

To set repositories to ‘private’, you’ll need a pro account at GitHub.
Definitely use git and GitHub, get used to git workflows if you plan to work with a developer team at some point. It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to familiarize yourself with git and GitHub.

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Private repositories are available for free accounts now.


u can use in combination with github, but i dont see point of hide your code only if u shame on it

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Oh, nice! Good to know.


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Yep, I’'l just go with what I have been doing and start using it.