This has been on my mind

Hey, guys. I often hear it being said that I should have a portfolio.

I am fairly new to everything and I would like to ask the question, “exactly what is a portfolio?” What goes into it? What is it made up of?

Thank you for your time.

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a page that showcases some of your projects, link to your cv, and gives contact informations

if you look at the first cert projects one is a portfolio

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I see.

When you wish for your portfolio to be seen, what do you do?

Personally, I have my portfolio hosted on GitHub pages (with a custom domain link). I then include the link to that portfolio on my resume when I submit job applications.


Thank you.

Is there any more places I can use? I have no accounts on social media, but I intend to someday. Is there somewhere I can put my portfolio on there?

And what is the usual set up of a portfolio, if I’ve used the correct word.

I’m not sure that there’s a “usual setup”. Generally, you want your portfolio to showcase your ability as a programmer, and serve as a CV (it should link to some of your projects to further showcase your work).

As for hosting, there are a number of options, but I don’t know of any social media platforms that would work for hosting a page - LinkedIn might be the closest, for being able to show projects (but only as links to the projects themselves).

My portfolio link, though, is on all of my social media pages.

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Thank you very much.

Pretty exceptional site. Love it, specially the pixelised font. Here’s mine; I don’t yet have much to put on.


Nice, thank you. I will have to make mine soon.

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You are definitely off to a good start! :smiley:

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this is nice advice. I liked it.

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