Launching my portfolio

Hi !

So i’m hoping to secure a job in the next month or two in front end development, providing my portfolio is up to scratch.

I have already built a function portfolio web page in VS code, utilising JS/HTML/CSS. I also have several side “projects” that demonstrate my abilities and I’m hoping to link to these from my portfolio page.

My question is what is the most advisable route to getting a live portfolio website launched. I understand that ill need to purchase / renew a domain but I’m struggling with what I want/need from a host. My projects contain some audio/images etc and i will want a few subdomains to display these separate projects.

Host’s seem to be quite pricy, what would you advise a beginner hoping to set up a functioning portfolios site that could grow with me?



Hey there!

I think this depends on what exactly you’re looking to achieve from your portfolio.

Unless you’re looking to setup your own server, you can get around some of the costs entailed in hosting an app.

Some options for you to check out (most have a free level to start with):

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This is the sort of thing that it makes a lot of sense to host via GitHub Pages. You don’t need to buy a domain (although you can) or pay for hosting.


@ArielLeslie I guess i’m interested in launching my own website with domain etc as it thought it would look a bit more professional as opposed to a github pages link. I have built a mock portfolio through github pages previously but i also thought it wasn’t possible to host your own media on there. E.g Images and short Audio clips. (not just link them form 3rd party sites)

@benatare thanks for the options you provided. I notice that a couple mention hosting apps through these. I’m just looking to host a domain with various links to other pages i have built. All my projects are " web pages". Are the options you posted still right for launching a strictly front end web developer portfolio? Essentially a collection of mock websites under one domain/subdomains.

Thanks for both for your advice!

Apologies if i’m missing anything i still feel really ignorant as to the general process of putting websites online :confused:

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Personally, I use Netlify as it just seems to be the easiest to setup. You can also buy your domain name on netlify and it will setup the rest automatically for you as well. You will need to create a netflify account, connect it to your github, and you can follow their directions for the rest as it will depend on how your application file structure is confiured.

Netlify is my goto for anything that doesn’t need a backend. The free tier is ridiculously generous for what you get and Netlify makes deploying apps so easy.

Heroku is a good service if you need to host a backend and has a fairly good free offering as well. I like Heroku and Netlify both because it’s straightforward to setup automatic deploys from your GitHub repository.

The downside of Heroku is that the free offering puts your servers to sleep when they’re not in use, so it takes a minute for them to wake up. Heroku isn’t very cheap in my opinion either once you want to pay for it. It works on a plugin basis where you pay for each plugin you need separately and next thing you know a very simple app can run you $20/month or more.

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This article might be useful to you:

You can assign your custom name to github pages and that will replace the default