Getting a domain to host personal portfolio?

Hello all. I’m currently enrolled in a Web Development boot camp and one of our tasks is to create a portfolio to showcase our work to clients. We’ve been working with Python, Django, and React, and will need to host these as well. (Either on portfolio or on free sites.)

Any recommendations for hosting or servers? I’m new at this sort of thing so I don’t know where to look.

For React created websites, github pages is always a good choice! Or even Heroku, I used both to host my React apps, but would prefer Github pages over Heroku, but both should work fine.

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Github pages can host React apps? That’s good to know. I’ve done a few static HTML pages but wasn’t sure if it could be complicated.

For the main portfolio I feel it would look more professional to have a custom domain. Are there any good ones or ones to avoid?

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Yup, Github can host react apps, you can check out this link here for more info

I believe you can attach your own domain name to github pages too, I know for a fact you can do so with Heroku, as I have done so previously. I’m not sure on which one to avoid or not, but I personally use namecheap to get my domain names.


This is probably a stupid question, but here goes:
I purchased a domain. It’s trying to get me to buy a trial to Squarespace or Wix or a few others, but I want to put together my website myself. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to upload files.

In your last post did you mean I should put the code up for my portfolio on Github and connect the purchased domain to Github pages? So they would enter and it would retrieve the code from Github?

GitHub Pages will serve your repo as a webpage, providing you have it configured correctly.

You need to add a CNAME record if I recall correctly.

Check the github pages docs for detailed instructions.