Deploying portfolio on World Wide Web

Hi, I recently finished building my portfolio and I deployed it on GitHub, however I would like to get a domain name to make it look more professional. I heard it’s pretty cheap, my question is, once I get a domain name, how do I deploy my portfolio on the internet, is it similar to GitHub? Do I need hosting as well or just the domain name? Thanks in advance.

edit: Also what are the best sites to do this?

Well, this depends where you at, country city etc … Try 000webhost, they have free, but this free hosting is lacking. It good for exercise though … PS: They also have mysql support even for free tier.

For static sites, you can use Github for hosting and setup your custom domain to work with the appllicable Github page (your portfolio).

Thanks, I didn’t know anything about that. I will take a look at that. This was very helpful!

When getting a domain name, would you recommend using privacy protection? If I’m not displaying that info in my portfolio at all, why would I need this?, and if case I do wish to display that info, again why would I need this feature.

The privacy protection is to prevent someone looking up your domain name on a site like and getting any of the contact information you put there. For example, if you use and look up, you will see some contact information for Quincy. You have to provide a valid address, so if you want to not show that kind of information, then you would use a privacy service which uses their address info on your behalf.

Personally, I like my contact information to show, so that someone can validate they have the right person/company, but you could potentially get some junk mail from having it visible. I used to get junk mail, but I rarely do anymore.

Ok this is good to know because I was a bit confused with the concept, I also read a few articles about it and what you say makes sense. Thanks again.