Web hosting and domain name for profile page

Hey everyone, I’m looking to start applying for a gig and i want to make a profile page. does anyone have any recommendations for web hosting?

also i registered my domain name (through hover.com, thanks javascript jabber for 20% off) already and have no idea how it gets applied. is that something that will become apparent after i find a web host?

You can create it with GitHub pages for free. If you search around a bit, there have been some discussions of paid hosting services too.

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oh nice, that stinks then that i bough a domain name

You can use a custom domain name with GitHub Pages, if that makes you feel any better.

haha, a little. thanks

You can host your page with surge.sh or GitHub pages (both are free hosting, you can search forum for ways to set it up.) Once you have your website hosted, it won’t necessarily become apparent how to connect your domain to your host. Usually, you will need to change some settings in your domains DNS page (that would be on hover) and then make sure your host works with it. If you can tell us when you get it hosted, we can help you connect the domain to it.

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Thats awesome, I am and should start with github i think since its something i should be familiar with in the first place. But thanks for the offer of help and i will definitely use it.

@dudeguykid Also, here’s a recent discussion on hosting as well: Hosting website, what options to choose?

EDIT: And this one: How to host my Portfolio online?