Portfolio Domain + Name

I’ve just finished up the portfolio section in the responsive web design section and am starting to think I should get it onto a domain (rather than leaving it on my codepen!)

Any recommendations for cheap webspace + domain name?

It doesn’t need a whole load of bells and whistles and is basically just a showcase so doesn’t need a whole lot of space either.

I suggest looking into GitHub Pages. It’s free and easy.

This looks like a good solution, nice one!

May be a stupid question but… would the .github.io suffix look less professional? Or would it not matter?

I don’t think that it would be unprofessional for a developer to have .github.io, but if it bothers you, you can use your own domain.

If you can, I would recommend to invest the $10 to get a nice domain name that you can use to get business emails and host your portfolio as well, just overall a very nice presentation. That being said, plenty of great coders I know use their .github.io domain, and employers largely don’t care, I just think it’s nice to streamline public presence and email (for future opportunities, personal branding, …).

Thanks! yeah I’m sure I could find a cheap name and link it back to my github.

What’s the norm? (if any?)

First name + Last name .com?