I can't update a link for one of my projects

A while ago, I went and replaced my FCC front-end projects on codepen with projects hosted on Surge.sh. For some reason, even though I’ve repeatedly gone and changed the link to my Javascript Calculator project, it reverts back to the old (now defunct) codepen link.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas?

It’s a little difficult to debug in the blind. Could you post links to your projects so we can take a look?


This link works: http://twalton-portfolio.surge.sh/

But when I change the link of the javascript calculator in my projects to this: http://cyber-calc.surge.sh/ , the FCC site refuses to actually change the link. It just reverts to my old codepen link.

Oh, I think I understand now. I wouldn’t really worry about it. If you’re worried that FCC will try audit your projects, you could always give them the link to the new one at that time.

If there isn’t one already for this bug, please create a detailed GitHub Issue.

I’ll check to see if there is a bug and add one if not.

I’m not worried about it, just annoyed that it won’t do what I want.

Maybe you’ve entered a new link in the project page, but didn’t click the “Go to the next challenge” button in the popup? I believe that button’s what updates your profile. Anyway, it seems you’ve already updated the links.