Product Landing Page and Technical Documentation Page

Hello everyone. I finished my two projects (Product Landing Page and Technical Documentation Page).
Thanks for your feedback.

the links you have given don’t hold your code, you will need to host your projects somewhere (for example on replit) to be able to share them with people

Hello Ilenia,
Thank you for your comment.
Before it was possible to send the link through the fcc interface. but with the new version(Legacy responsive web designe) I failed to do so.
I will try to use another way by following your advice.
Have a nice day.

Before you would build the projects in an external service (, it still wasn’t possible to give a freecodecamp link

Hi ilenia,
I used the codepen editor to solve the link problem.
I hope this will work.
Thank you for your advice.

why do you have the test suite in the codepen?


Hi Ilenia,
I didn’t fully understand your comment.
I coded, at first, my two projects in the FCC editor which I find very interesting.
I then copied and pasted the 2 projects in the Codepen editor to create a link to share my code because I did not understand how to create a link in the FreeCodeCamp interface.
For my part if there is a possibility to create a link on FCC, I would prefer to use the FCC editor.
Thanks for your feedback.

Having the test suite, which is not used anymore in the responsive web design certification, is suspicious, please make sure to complete the project on your own, do not copy others people projects

I don’t understand what the test sequence means.
To clarify, both of my projects are personal and I coded them on FCC. It took me a long time, and I don’t see any point in copying the work of others because it won’t teach me anything and lead to nothing. The only question you don’t answer is how to generate a link on the FCC interface to share my two projects on the forum to improve my work.
If you do not have an answer to this question, it is better to close the exchange.

You can’t have a direct link to the projects. At most, to your timeline and/or certification, where people can open a pop-up with your code and project

how long? did you start coding them on codepen long time ago?

At least 6 months between the search for ideas at the beginning of the project and the writing of the code. (for both projects).
I can only code when I can find free time after work. Like many beginners developers.
Thanks for your feed back.

Sorry for the presumption, you started before the new editor, so it’s normal to have the old test suite…

CodePen is a good solution to show the projects

No problem Ilenia,
Thank you for your confirmation concerning the link that it is not possible to create directly on the new FCC interface. For my part I will continue to create my code in FCC and I will copy and paste my work in the codepen editor to simply create the link and share my code on the forum.

Nice day.

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