Project help at codepen

how do i start my project like the tribute page do i use the code pen or i use the project side so i can save it and get answers pls i need help how do i start it in which editor

Hi @blaqruby!

You can start to build the project in codepen or your code editor of choice. I personally use vs code but you can choose which ever editor you like. I like to start with passing all of the user stories first and style the page to my liking afterwards. If you have questions about your page and need help you can share your codepen link with the forum.

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Hello @blaqruby!
If constant internet is not a problem, I’d suggest to use codepen so that you can share your code seamlessly, which is helpful for asking for suggestions in forums.
At the end of the day it is your preference.

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how do i get the codepen link

Just Copy/Paste the link

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how to get link if i code in an editor pls i need help

Hi @blaqruby,
You need to open an account on codepen and create a new pen. Then you can write your HTML, CSS there or you can paste your codes from another editor to codepen sections. Lastly to submit your works to the challenges just copy your codepen link and paste.


thanks bro u gave the solution thats the issue i was having thanks

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Also, don’t forget the user tests. Test suite.

how do i do it if i code in another editor like vs code

you can import the test suite in the same way as in codepen

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how do i import it code response pls

In each of the projects there is a link to fork. Using that link will go to your codepen acc’t and the test suite will be there.

If you choose to code locally, the sentence after the one containing the fork link gives you the CDN link to run locally.