I have no access to my FCC account: email linked with FCC account was deleted!


I cannot longer access my account at FCC: https://www.freecodecamp.org/annapinedo, the email linked to the account has been deleted for personal reasons, leaving me with no option to access the progress I have so far. I can provide the email address linked to that account, need help! Do not want to start all over again.

Thank you!

If you still have other oAuth accounts inked to that email address (GitHub, etc) you might be able to log in with them. Otherwise, you can try emailing team@freecodecamp.org, but I doubt there is anything they can do if you can’t check that email address anymore. On the plus side, the only things that you need to do for a certificate is the projects, so if you have to create a new account you don’t need to repeat all the challenges.