Request to the freeCodeCamp team to reset "some" of my progress?

So the other day I was not in the most active/focused mood and I ended up absent-mindedly opening and doing the first two lessons of the forth certificate “Data Visualization Certification (300 hours)”. Now that is a real problem for me because (please bear with me and read the whole thing before rolling your eyes) first of all I have only yet achieved the first certification and am at the moment working on finishing the coding challenges and projects of the second and the third. I intended to stop at that because my boss (who is also in a way my mentor) wants me to start learning back-end in some time which I don’t know at all. But you see, solving those two challenges and leaving all the others untouched really bothers me. I am one of those people who once they have started something, can’t let it go until they have finished it. I would really really love to delete those two coding challenges but keep all the other progress. I know this is a very pathetic thing to ask, but please try to understand. Would be very grateful. freeCodeCamp is really important to me and if you do this, I would try to contribute somehow. I don’t really have the finances for donation. (salery is 7000 Pakistani Rupees which isn’t much in dollars) but I could help fix some of the stub pages that freeCodeCamp has. Just grant me this one small request.

You can submit a feature request on the FCC GitHub page. Keep in mind that if they decide to do this, there would still be a wait for someone to pick up the issue, implement it, test it, submit it, and then have it put into production.

I think they should be able to just manually delete the data

I could be mistaken, but I think you can request that your full account (all challenge sections) is reset, but not individual parts. That would be way to much maintenance on Free Code Camp’s end to accept requests from individuals to delete section 1, 2, and 5, but leave 3 and 4 and 6 alone.

Providing an option to do so is one thing and I could be mistaken here but manually doing so one time for a single camper should be easy, I think.