Algorithms challenges

I want to build front end projects such as weathher app and tic tac toe etc .I wanted to know it is necessary to complete all algorithms challenges to code these projects .

All challenges with asterisks must be completed.
This is written at the very top of the map: “Challenges required for certifications are marked with a *”.

no you can do them in any order, but you will always be learning new things. When you get stuck, switch gears to something different and give your mind a chance to solve problems subconsciously, then come back to them.

if you want to earn a certificate though, you do need to complete all challenges with asterix. However learning and earning a cert are not the same thing.

Follow the path that’s best for you.

Specifically, weather app does not require any specific algorithm, there’s no logic to it, you’re just displyaing data that you have retrieved. Tic Tac Toe does require logic and the algorithm problems can help you learn how to code that logic, not necessarily in the form of a specific algorithm, but learning how to think about solving logic problems.

Im having a tough time with the algorithms challenges and so I went on to the projects and did the quote machine. Im also working through the Job Ready guide by P1xt, so Im pretty much just trying to keep moving forward, while also going back to the alogorithms to take another hand at solving them, getting a bit further each time.

For the certificate yeah, you need to do the algorithm challenges, but to move forward in the course, no not at all. You can do the lessons and projects and even any of the certificates in any order you want.