Align-items works, but not justify content?

I am sorry if this has been asked a million times, I just can’t seem to realize what I am doing wrong here.
Codepen: spacebetween codepen and io
codepen. io/dylanel27/pen/PVbeqG

I am trying to vertically center class: .bodytext “professional painting company, sample text to see how it looks”, so that its dead center in the middle of the background/page.

When I do align-items:center, it works to center horizontally.
But when I justify-contents:center, nothing happens…
Really would appreciate any pointers. thank you

It’s working fine, the container is the height of the content as you haven’t specified any height on anything except the nav, so it is dead centre, it’s just that .bodytext is not very tall.

I see.
I added a height value to .bodytext and it seemed to give the result I wanted. Will have to do more research next time. Thanks alot

Hi, i have added the code check it if it is not updated add below code

add this code in style sheet

text-align: center;
padding: 180px 0px;

edit in your HTML code in -------- >>div class=“maintext text-center” in class add the “text-center”

<p>Client of OVO</p>
  <p>Rated #1 in the city</p>