Align pictures in different sections

Hi. Again, :sweat_smile:
So I’m trying to align the three pictures on my tribute page with the larger last one.
How would I do that?

Thank you.

give the container div a width in px, not % (try 500px)

I have it in px. Tried just now in %. didn’t work either.

sorry, i wasn’t clear.

in your .center class, you currently have a width of 50%;

change that to 500px

ok so that works , but in that case my third small picture moves under the two first ones. and I want three small pictures in a row, then the last, large one underneath but aligned with the top ones.

sorry, i just looked at this again and the 3 small imgs look fine. are you stuck on anything else?

Done it. Had to create another class for the last picture, as they are in different divs. :slight_smile:
I mean I don’t know if there are any other simple options but this worked. :slight_smile:

yes , now I am stuck on getting the border around the title to fit-content and still stay centered. because if I fit-content, the text moves to the right, so I am adjusting margin-left of the borer, but I’m sure there’s an easier way.

yea instead of margin-left you can do margin: 0 auto;

hahahahah . that is easier. :sweat_smile:
thank you.