All 5 HTML and CSS projects complete, when does the cert show?

I’ve completed and submit all 5 projects, they all passed the tests (albeit some of them need some continued TLC) and yet I’m still showing 0 of 6 certifications. Am I missing something? Or is there some sort of delay?


The certs are not automatically given/presented (but they are automatically generated in your account).

Click your profile icon (in freeCodeCamp online bootcamp, not in forum.freecodecamp) and scroll down. You should see an option to claim your certificates.

Thank you, I actually just found it. However, it is giving me an error when I claim. It says “it looks like you have not completed the necessary steps. Please complete the required challenges to claim the Responsive Web Design.” This doesn’t make sense, I’ve run the tests on all of them again and they pass every test. I’ve confirmed the link for each submission, and they are accurate. Not sure what necessary steps/challenges I’m missing.

Also, you should acknowledge the Academic Honesty Policy. Have you done that?

Yes, I also accepted the policy and it said it updated my account.

There’s a bug right now. It’s happening to everyone.