Already reversed the string but the answer is not being accepted

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I already reversed the string, str equals the reversed string so why isn’t this working? Ignore the console.logs was just checking

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function reverseString(str) {
let arr= []
for (let i=0; i<str.length; i++){
let result = arr.reduce((sum, current) => sum + current);
str = result


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Challenge: Reverse a String

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You have to remember to return something. Console.log prints the result to the console, but “return” is Javascript’s way of saying “Stop executing this function, and make the result available outside of this function.”

Hope that makes sense.

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you just need to split it with method str.split(' ') method and then just reverse array and join str ;
or you can apply for loop from last index of str array to get reversed string

yeah, you reversed the string, but does the function return something? or just consoles it?


join str

after for loop