Always wanted to code. But lose focus always

I have done classes in computers before and was doing so through ITT Tech when they got shut down 6 months before I graduated. I have wanted to code for a good long while now. Like 10 years now. But I always lose focus or feel I am just not worth it. I have worked construction and laborer jobs my whole life since I was 12. I do have ADHD at times. Is there anything that anyone could tell me how to focus or a timeline I should set to get it done daily? Does music actually help to stay focused. I love music… I love outdoors and fishing and movies and games. But I am tired of living with my mere 34k a year and want a better life for me and my family. My interests for programming is cybersecurity and machine learning. So any help would be massive. Thank you in advance. I am seriously wanting to make this work this time. I do not want to give up.

@cowboyup993 based on your job experience you should be a hardworking person. This is a huge plus for learning to how to code. However, if you are an outdoorsy person then you definitely find it difficult to sit still in front of the PC.
start with the two minutes rules. This comes from the atomic habits bay James clear. he says that for successfully forming a good habit you need a foundation. Similar to building a good structure. you need to create the base. What he suggests is that starts with as many 2 minutes as you can and have a visual representation of it. like a jar of 50 pins and replace a pin once you finish a 2 minutes coding. Do this until you have no other pin. gradually add to the pins day by day.

Also, the time block technique by Cal Newport is extremely helpful. I highly recommend you at least listen to one episode of his podcast. He also has a great series of books.


I actually sat down tonight and did all the basic HTML and HTML5. I didn’t get as bored as I thought I would. I actually enjoy how this platform is setup and the community and how it teaches. I really had fun :slight_smile:


Great work,

keep us posted!

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I find with creating new habits or hobbies part of the key is to not ask yourself how you feel at the moment. You just make the choice to sit in front of the computer and start. Sometimes it still seems easier said than done lol. Setting up a partnership of accountability with others help keep yourself focused may be helpful. You don’t necessarily have to be pursing the same area as the other person you interact with, although it may be more advantageous if you are both pursing coding as you will have common ground in which you share. And finding an environment which you find stimulating can also be effective. If you know you work best at a coffee shop, then creating a routine where you go there with your laptop a few days a week may be helpful.

And for cyber security, I just wanted to pass this website onto you if you haven’t seen it yet :slight_smile:

You can search for Machine Learning or Cyber Security and you may find some courses (which can be audited for free) that interest you. You can pay money if you wish to receive a certificate upon completion.

Best of luck with your endeavours!

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Learn coding through something that interests you. If you like music, fishing, video games, etc, learn how to use coding to improve your experience with those things. If you’re bored youre not going to stay focused. To thy self be true.

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