Am i correct ?Build a drum Machine with single audio element

Hi i was doing free code camp drum machine using Reactjs in my opinion the project does what expected to do but am getting errors for from user-story4 up to user-story 7
for eg…
user-story 4 say:Within each .drum-pad , there should be an HTML5 audio element which has a src attribute pointing to an audio clip
but i developed with single audio element and change the sounds depend on the states
here the code on code pen

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You have created a working drum machine, but you just have not met the User Stories of the project. If you want to obtain the certification, then you will have to meet the project specifications. This is more than just an exercise in building an app. It is also a test to see if you can follow a set of requirements/constraints (that may not be determined or agreed upon by you in real-life) to see if you can build per those requirements/constraints.