Am i Going the correct path?

Top of the morning to you.
I’m a 37 year old male and i have been interested in web development for so long but for some reason went nowhere with it.
I have been floating from job to job and now i have decided its time for a career change into something i finally like… probably too late in life but if i dont try i wont know

i have been learning on and off since way back when html was layed out using tables and was a thing on everything.
i tought myself html and then css and never touched javascript. i went and learnt php and mysql and at my prime was building fun pages such as a tumblr webste or photo gallary etc.

i then ended up with a little depression and a hard time in life and i never continued with web dev but kept an eye on things if i could.
coming back i decided i need to learn javascript so i have been learning js and loving it.
i have been learning with vanilla js and no jquery or anything yet as i wanted to understand core code first. but this is when i come into an issue

i would like a backend and heard of node.js and i thought it would be cool to know js, jquery, nodejs, react and just be a js master and decided this is what i would do… but then… my friend showed up with django and python, he talks about python like its t he next big thing and it is the number one language and nothing else is good enough and makes me think i need to stop and learn python instead.

ive seen him build a shopping cart with ease in django and its made me think, am i wasting my time? i really thought being a javascript jedi with html and css and things like bootstrap was the way to go but now im soo conflicted.

should i stay with js? is nodejs fun?easy? does it have frameworks?
im looking at php, nodejs or python…

First of all, NodeJS is not comparable to django as they are quite different things: django is a framework that requires python environment to run on it, whereas NodeJS is environment itself. So you might want to compare Express or Koa with django and you will find out that they’re pretty much the same.

At this point choice would look like JavaScript vs Python or to put it in another dimension: Keras vs Front-End development - things that go as bonus :wink: You can choose what excites you most and go that way. Good luck!

If you strongly decided to go back-end and you 100% sure about that, my personal advice would be neither of those, but Go:


i kinda wanna do themm all
im thinking to learn html, css, js, nodejs, express

Well, the same way as in natural languages ‘words’ are just a mean of describing same things or actions, operators and functions of any language under the hood eventually boil dow to the same processes and if you learn one language, you kinda learn every other language because what you really learn is rather those processes and underlying algorithms.

You also need to note that there are different types of languages. Learning markup language (like HTML) probably won’t help with procedural languages (like C, Python, Javascript etc.), and knowing both of them won’t help you with hybrid stuff, like CSS