Am I good to go after some entry level jobs?

I’ve applied to a few entry level jobs and have not heard anything back.

I’ve created my portfolio, updated my resume, tidied up my GitHub, etc. Do I seem good to go after some entry level jobs?

Please criticize my portfolio, work, resume, etc, and let me know what you think (be honest). The help is really appreciated.



~ I did create a similar topic the other week but have made a few updates, hence the new post.

Many thanks,


You portfolio is high quality in terms of the design and usability. It can’t be that.

It’s very likely your lack of experience with commercial projects that gets you rejected. This is in the silly spirit of “5 years of experience for entry level positions” you will see in many job postings. It’s the state of the industry unfortunately.

Do you have any chance to develop a fullstack app for a charity, club or business in your region? Or an app you can get a few users for, and if it’s just 20 people that are using it regularly? This would already make a big difference.

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I could probably check the local shops/charities near me, I think some of them don’t even have a website.

Not sure what kind of app I could build for users. I have some ideas, just don’t think many of them are appealing to an employer, or much to me either tbh. Grabbing people online to use it won’t be a problem though. I’ll have to think some more.

The app is another option. Just build something that other people use in real life and talk about it once you get interviews. I would seek in person contact if you can, to make sure you are not another spammer offering cheap cheap websites.

When you have a project, make sure to keep everything on record from the first design document, over change-log files to the handover. Best place is the README file in the GitHub repository.


I have a agency, I think your portfolio so much good and qualified.


Hey Alex,

I looked into you GH profile and here is some feedback

  1. Commits · morganbanet/filmflex · GitHub, why does it has got only 1 commit ? Hiring manager may think, you have simply copy-pasted code from somewhere else

  2. Have few more unique projects based on your interest instead of common projects which most of other people build

e.g. EV chargers in UK or best school / course search engine etc

  1. Do checkout Y Combinator jobs in UK / EU, there are plenty

  2. Why don’t you apply for internship 1st and later based on your on job performance they can make you permanent.

Let me know if you’ve further queries.

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Hi vikramvi, thank you for the response.

I moved the filmflex app into the study-projects repo as I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to show it off. The API I used was updated and broke the movies/series tabs a few weeks after I made it. Eventually I put the app back into its own repo and the commit history was reset as a result (probably was a better way to do this?). It was made around June 2023.

Also worth mentioning, my GitHub commit history graph was reset after updating my email address on the account. Not sure why this happened, but I’ve been making frequent commits since November 2022 (my current GitHub account replaced an old one). In my head the graph is all green!

I’ll try and have a think about some more unique projects and will have a look at the Y Combinator for any work.

I’ve considered internships but due to my current circumstances, obtaining a full time paid job is a high priority.

Thanks for the help,

Hi flowzai,

I would like to hear more. What would be the best way to contact you?

If you checkout Y Combinator jobs page, there is link to founders linkedin profile as well; goto each one of them start connecting with them directly.

Startup with 2 - 20 employees, can be good targets for you atm.

All the very best

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Hey, I took a look at Y Combinator but it is all American?

it means you didn’t check it properly :slight_smile: they do invest across globe 35%+ Y combinator startups are outside US & A.

Create an account and choose country / continent filter.

Also I suggest to look into top VC in EU / US and companies they’ve invested.

Each of the VC has got job page with filters like round of funding, employee size, area etc