Am i over thinking this

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so essentially this should work shouldnt it?

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<!DOCTYPE html>

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Challenge: Declare the Doctype of an HTML Document

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Looks like your missing just one element. You need to add some copy to the h1 tag. This may not solve your issue.
Sorry, it a type in your closing html tag.


You misspelled the closing html tag: should be </html>

You should get used to formatting the code, which is a huge help when there are unexpected results. Press Control + Shift + i when you’re on the FCC code editor.

oh man wow thank you so much i feel like a fool. simple enough mistake just gotta slow my reading down.

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No need :stuck_out_tongue:! @ProgMan nor I saw the error at first, so this happens to everyone of us.

Besides, once you know more, you will use code editors that highlight those mistakes :slight_smile:.

what people refer to as ‘over-thinking’ is really just misplaced attention.

attention-to-detail is a good programmers super-power.

its a skill which should be consciously developed and refined in addition to learning actual coding.