Am LOST! Need Help

Hey everyone,
Well am feeling totally lost, do we really need to master all CSS & HTML stuff ? am getting some problems with the flex and grid, i don’t understand the concept i really don’t know what to do.
Any help! Thank you in advance.


Don’t get discouraged. There is a lot of information to take in. Remember that it takes a very long time to truly master something.

Could you share some specific things that aren’t making sense to you?

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A very good resource for flexbox is

It has pretty pictures that explain all the concepts. I am constantly referring to this as I work.

They also have one for grid as well

I’m not sure if it is as easy to read as the flexbox guide. I don’t use a lot of grid in my work so I haven’t looked at very closely.


Thank you so much, i will give you a feedback after reading them.

Well, i know what both flex & grid do, but don’t know how to use or create them by myself.

By this yo will surely get how to make things with grid.