Am new and no knowledge of coding. i will be very glad to have a tutor

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Welcome to the forums @Zamekpere.

People here have jobs and volunteer their time to help out and respond to, and answer, questions. It’s not live chat so don’t expect to always get an immediate response.

FCC uses the Read - Search - Ask method.
That means:
Read about the lesson, task you are doing
Search for things you don’t understand
Ask about what you don’t understand from your search results

We tend to not give direct answers but rather try and guide you into finding the solution to the issue you are having.
If you’re having an issue with one of the lessons be sure to click on the Ask For Help button. That will create a topic for you that shows your current code and gives you the opportunity to ask a quesion.
If you’re having a problem with one of the projects be sure to include a link to your live code and and ask your question.

Hope that helps. Happy coding.

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