Anchor Element Free Cat Photos

Here is my code:
<a href=>cat photos</a>
After running the test, I keep getting the following message, ‘You need an a element.’ I have modeled this code after the examples, watched the video and read other forums, which explain that there needs to be an ‘a’ or a ‘:’ after https, which there is. What is missing? Thanks, I appreciate any help, I am new at this.

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a link to the challenge would be much useful, but I think that your url doesn’t match the provided one - it is the most common occurrence

Okay thanks, here is the link to the challenge, sorry about that:

You are so very right! I double checked the URL and it didn’t match, thank you!

I’m experiencing the same challenge now. Please what should i do if my URL doesn’t match?

copy and paste the one in the challenge description instead of typing it?

Create an a element that links to and has “cat photos” as its anchor text .

just copied it but there’s no option for paste on that text column

are you using a touch screen? then it is because the editor is not made to be used with a touchscreen, but it is iptimised for desktop. At this point you will just have to type each character carefully

My laptop is a touchscreen but i’m not using it for this coding. i carefully typed the link: (just to be sure) but i’m still stuck

then your issue is not that. but it is impossible to see without seeing your whole code